What’s in your Wallet? POKT! Pocket Wallet Staked and Deployed

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Nov 21, 2023
What’s in your Wallet? POKT! Pocket Wallet Staked and Deployed

What’s a blockchain without a wallet, right? Like other protocols, the Pocket ecosystem will expand through third-party wallets, interfaces, and other tools but in order to ensure as smooth of an experience as possible in the early launch phase, we’ve decided to launch our own!The Pocket Wallet is a simple graphical user interface (GUI) for transferring POKT between accounts. This GUI wallet lets users transfer POKT without having to use the Pocket Core Command Line Interface (CLI).The Pocket Wallet will reflect a user’s POKT balance, amount of Staked POKT tokens, their account status (staking / unstaking), and their account type (app / node). They’d also be able to see their address, public key, and latest transactions.What’s beneath the hood?The Pocket Wallet is a client-side implementation, meaning it is a fully non-custodial wallet. When you’re on the “create wallet” page, you can turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth connections to ensure maximum security when creating your wallet. The application is also running directly on Pocket mainnet, which means that it is staked and running on the protocol right now.As a native application, it will also drive API requests to the Pocket Network. This means, of course, that it is one of the first applications to generate revenue for the node operators that are providing service to the relays.In the future, we plan to host it on IPFS using Fleek to make the wallet completely client-side and decentralized.How does it interact with other Pocket products?Instead of using the Pocket Core CLI to transfer tokens, users can simply use our wallet. This reduces the barrier to entry and provides ease of use.When an application developer purchases their relay capacity through the Pocket Dashboard, the associated amount will appear as POKT within their wallet. Similarly, when a node operator purchases the minimum required stake, the amount of POKT will be reflected in the balance.They’d also be able to top off their wallet with more POKT by pressing the “Buy POKT” button, which redirects them to a purchase page in the Pocket Dashboard.The Pocket Wallet also pulls the latest transactions a user makes for easy access to the most recent records.If you are either a node operator or application developer, create a Pocket Wallet account today to get a feel for it before the Pocket Dashboard and Gateway are released early next week!

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