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Instead of deploying to a single service provider and paying absurd fees for random outages and leaked data, tap into Pocket’s trustless API protocol and route your requests to 1000’s of independent full nodes.
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Rely on a protocol,
not a business

Businesses seek profit and carry costs that protocols do not. Relying on a business means you’re paying more than you need to, you will have downtime, and you may even be shut down. Pocket Network is a protocol, not a business. You’ll never pay more than you need to, you’ll always have uptime, and you will be unstoppable.
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Pocket Network

For DApps
For going viral
For anti-fragility
For everyone fairly
For infinite games
For easy interfacing with any chain
For privacy

Other Providers

For Apps
For going broke
For wishful-thinking
For getting canceled
For zero-sum games
For sunk cost fallacy
For giving your data away

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As easy as RPC

While a direct integration is the best way to optimize for reliability and censorship-resistance, we understand the need to build an MVP. Thanks to the Pocket Portal, you can banish your weakest link with just a single URL.
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Web3 Economics
Massive Cost Savings

Replace your sunk costs with an asset. Ditch the monthly SaaS fee and plug yourself into the future. Stake once and access the network for as long as you’d like. No arbitrary rate limiting, no contracts, no lock-ins, no hidden fees. And yes, of course we have a free option.
Pocket  Economics

"Adding Pocket Network to our list of default Ethereum nodes was a no-brainer. One of the key ideals of blockchain is decentralization, and Pocket is a piece that fits into that puzzle perfectly.”  

Jordan Spence, MyCrypto

"We feel privileged to have formed a close partnership with @POKTnetwork designed to improve the reliability of transactions on @Fuse_network by relaying through Pocket's decentralized infrastructure platform. This collaboration also hugely bolsters security!"

Fuse Network

"We are incredibly amped to be working with Pocket Network. Using Pocket Network's neutral networking stack, Web3API users can seamlessly connect to different protocols."


"If *we* the builders, the founders, don’t care about these things when we make the reasonable default choices for our users, you tell me, who the fuck is gonna care? Even if Pocket was slower (narrator: it isn’t) you can code the speed up, something you can only dream in Infura."

Jorge Izquierdo, Aragon

"Inclusion transactions care about censorship resistance...@POKTnetwork is a middleware for the mempool which guarantees censorship resistance...few."

Thegostep, Alchemist

"Few understand how much of a game changer @POKTnetwork can be for Ethereum ecosystem. Even fewer understood it last year when @ZeePrimeCap invested. POKT was turned down by many prominent VCs in crypto space."

Fiskantes, Zee Prime Capital

Your application, thousands
of nodes, zero downtime

When nodes compete to provide applications with the best data, applications win. Tap into thousands of nodes run by Web3’s best and brightest infra minds all working to optimize data reliability and correctness.
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A public good, built for developers,
maintained by users  


will run forever


Join the DAO,
decide the rules


Manage connections to
dozens of networks simply


eliminates downtime


Protect your users’
data and identities


Non-rent seeking
means dramatic savings