Submissions Are Now Open for the first Retro POKT Goods Funding

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Jun 3, 2024
Submissions Are Now Open for the first Retro POKT Goods Funding
Submissions are OPEN for POKT Network's first Retro POKT Goods Funding Round. Apply now to have your full impact recognised.

Why Retroactive funding?

Retroactive funding is a great complement to our other funding mechanisms because it enables us to use a novel variable. Time.

Time allows impact to be fully observed before being rewarded. Because of this, it closes the gap between impact created and rewards received.  This creates greater certainty for impact creators that they will fully rewarded for the impact that they have. Humans love certainty, so having a clear program around this will make POKT Network more attractive to talented builders.

We first spoke about this in our GROW post back in February of 2023, where we also set out our other funding mechanisms.

Since then, a lot of momentum has gathered around retroactive funding, led by Optimism. We are excited to bring this into our funding mix so that we can create the best possible environment for builders of all kinds to come, contribute to POKT Network, and be fully rewarded.

TL;DR we get funds in the hands of impact creators so they can keep building and delivering impact.

What is the Retro POKT Goods Funding round?

This is Round 1. It's our first experiment with an inclusive retroactive funding round.

We received a grant from Optimism in Retro PGF 3. We also received a genesis grant from Arbitrum for the impact we have in Web3. In Retro POKT Goods round 1, we will redistribute these grants, along with 750,000 POKT, to the impact creators.

Rather than have these funds sit in the DAO treasury, we want the community to keep building the things that matter. By redistributing POKT, ARB, and OP, we also create closer connection between the ecosystems and demonstrate that our intention to pay it forward.

How does it work?

Submissions open today and you have 3 weeks to make a submission, with the last date to submit being 31st May.

You can apply here at our new Impact Hub. This is the new home of Retro POKT Goods rounds and much more.

You can make a submission in one of 3 categories:

  • Protocol: for your contributions to Morse, our live infra protocol.
  • Ecosystem: for building around and on top of POKT, including tech, governance, talent and more.
  • Adoption: for amplifying messages, attracting new people, and getting them using the product.

We have deliberately cast a wide net because there are many people who bring value to POKT Network in many different ways. We want to recognise them all and strongly encourage everyone to apply.

Check out the application process on the Impact Hub or go to our docs for more information on the program.

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