Weekly Relay Recap #48 ️

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Nov 20, 2023
Weekly Relay Recap #48 ️

Over the last week (12/02-12/08) the Pocket Network protocol successfully relayed over 1.11 Billion relays application requests (up by 68.5%) & the number of staked nodes increased further to 14.2 k nodes (up by 7.8%) when compared to last week!

Weekly Relay Recap & Analysis 👋

This week, the relay count grew at a rapid rate compared to last week, mainly due to the dev update released which enabled Harmony to resume using Pocket Network as a decentralized RPC provider. In the previous Weekly Relay Recap, we dove into how a patch was deployed to enable selective node stickiness for the Harmony public RPC endpoint, and all our other public RPC endpoints when they are used with web wallets.From early on in December, we are seeing a consistent increase in Harmony relays going up to 147M relays in a single day which was the previous levels in the early days of November.Also, the MarrowDAO hosted a two-day community round of Dark Forest bringing roughly 9.5M organic requests from the xDAI blockchain network over that time period.Ethereum relays also jumped up from 21M relays last week to 35M relays on average this week. Which Ethereum application do you think this is?

The average daily relays significantly to around 145M relays for the past week.Over 3.28B relays have been processed in total throughout the last four weeks. The exact figures are displayed in the table below.

Node count continued to trend upwards; adding more than 1000 nodes from last week.For those interested in diving deeper into the metrics, one can find them on C0D3R’s Pocket Network charts.The pie chart below shows the distribution of all POKT rewards minted over the past week between the service nodes, block producers, and the Pocket DAO.

POKTscan shows Harmony continuing to lead the blockchain pack in the number of relays routed through the Pocket Network protocol. Followed by Ethereum, then both Polygon and Fuse, with xDAI trailing slightly behind but ahead of other blockchain networks. On one day, xDAI passed Polygon and Fuse in terms of relay traffic.

What do you think the lineup will be like next week? Share your thoughts on Twitter!

wPOKT Updates

wPOKT dev log #3 was published earlier today!Here’s the quick download:

  1. The internal wPOKT LBP dry run #1 went off without a hitch!
  2. The wPOKT Relay Farming app is currently going through another round of internal testing throughout the weekend.
  3. The wPOKT <> POKT bridge is in its final development stage with testing and quality assurance underway.

For more details, read the full developer log here:

Governance Updates

There are no active proposals in Pocket’s Snapshot at this point in time:These proposals are all under discussion by community members:

  • PIP-8: Use Coordinape for Contributor & Voter Onboarding
  • PEP-16: Universal Contributor Income

Along with one new proposal added this week:PEP-17: Returning a Mistaken DAO Fee, Part 2 Electric BoogalooFull proposal here: proposal talks about returning the fees incurred for an incorrect transaction initiated by a community member where the transaction fees and amount values were accidentally swapped when sending the POKT. Since 90.91% of every transaction’s fees go to the DAO, there is a possibility for them to be the force of good and help the community members by returning the large fees which were accidentally transferred.

Dev Updates

Pocket’s core protocol team came out with a new release update RC- upgrade is in line with the PIP-7 and enables the validator/servicer split with an upgrade Tx sent by the DAO.Another key change is now instead of 5 nodes taking part in every session, it will be 24 nodes taking part in one session with a dapp leading to more uniform spread of relays, and therefore rewards.For more information about the release, go to this link:

Community-developed Ecosystem Tools

POKTscanYou can use POKTscan as your central dashboard for monitoring nodes and various statistics pertaining to the POKT ecosystem. Here are the new features and fixes of this week:

  • Added server-side cache to improve response time on queries.
  • Added Chain relays error tracking on Node detail. (beta) PILOTNode Pilot has released their biggest ever feature update yet! Here is a drill-down of everything that the team brings to us this week:

  • Daemon functionality (runs Node Pilot as an auto-restarting background application)
  • 1-click updates for chain nodes
  • Terminal commands and flags
  • System check debug tool
  • Manual IP addresses
  • Pocket updated to RC-v0.7.0.1
  • Remove excessive pocket node info logs

Check out all details of the release and know more about Node Pilot by going here.

Other Community Updates

Say hello to Nodey!Pocket Network introduces “What is” series where Nodey will be explaining the core concepts of Pocket Network from basics so if you are new to Pocket ecosystem, visit the below tweets to watch the 1st 3 episodes:

Introducing our What Is series with Nodey!

In each quick episode, Nodey takes you through a core concept of Pocket. Today's all about "What Is Pocket Network"?Let us know in the comments below about any topics you want Nodey to cover!— Pocket Network | Is Hiring 👀🚀 (@POKTnetwork) December 2, 2021

What Is With Nodey #2

In today's episode:What Is An Application? 🤔Find out in the video below - and as always let us know what you want to learn in the comments below!— Pocket Network | Is Hiring 👀🚀 (@POKTnetwork) December 3, 2021

What Is A Node (Nodey Presents #3)

As we've now learned how Pocket Networks, it's time to take a closer look at what being a node means! $POKTWe will explore other concepts like rewards and jailing in later videos so stay tuned!— Pocket Network | Is Hiring 👀🚀 (@POKTnetwork) December 7, 2021
Nodey and Poktopus are together working hard to bring you the best of learning and updates!

Fractional Staking through POKT PoolA long-term community member in Pocket Network, Joey Rosati started Pokt Pool. It is a fractional staking node runner system any community member can take part in. Fractional staking allows any community member who owns less than the required 15K POKT to run a full node to pool their POKT with others and stake for rewards. Since its inception, the pool has already received a great response. Here are some stats:

  • 49 community members have staked their POKT.
  • Total pool size is 450k POKT.
  • Pool is running 29 nodes earning rewards daily.

You can hop into their Telegram channel and ask for more information.’s Community Giveaways are sent straight to the POKT Pool so the new members joining the POKT ecosystem can now immediately start earning rewards.To recap, POKTopus is a community-led initiative that organizes a giveaway every week where 10 lucky winners are selected to receive POKT. This week, the rewards to be distributed are 6000 POKT!There is actually a contest running right now, ending at 6PM EDT:

Recover from the #POKTSTORM in a #poktpool! This week, we'll pick 10 lucky wallets to get staked in a fractional pool and start earning rewards! Follow me, like this tweet, and quote tweet it with your Pokt wallet address to win. Wallets picked at 6PM EDT tomorrow!

— Poktopus 🐙 (@thepoktopus) December 8, 2021

Together, the community plans to organize 7 more #POKTstorm campaigns.If you’d like to donate to the community-led POKTstorm campaign, you can donate POKT to this address.


EVMOS partnershipEvmos has strategically partnered with Pocket Network to provide their developers with critical decentralized node infrastructure for the deployment of dapps on Evmos.Evmos is also the first EVM-compatible Cosmos blockchain.You can read the chain of tweets here:

1/ We have partnered with @POKTnetwork to provide Evmos developers with essential decentralized node infrastructure to deploy their decentralized applications on Evmos, the first EVM-compatible Cosmos blockchain.Read the announcement:

— Evmos (@EvmosOrg) December 7, 2021

and the blog post here: Mons (Evmos’ Incentivised Testnet) is already available through Pocket Network. Evmos developers are able to directly mint an endpoint from Pocket Portal.Both end users and developers can test our decentralized RPC service by using this public Evmos RPC endpoint: instructions on how to add this Evmos endpoint to MetaMask, follow along here: support and partnershipPocket Network is partnering with dfdao as the official default RPC provider to sponsor the xDAI network bandwidth of their community round!Alberto (Marketing & Growth at Pocket Network + Community Member of Dark Forest) was invited to the dfdao planning committee earlier last week. We are providing support to the dfdao planning committee throughout their first community brainstorming and building round.

Proud to share that dfdao is building a round of @darkforest_eth in collaboration with representatives from @orden_gg, @marrowDAO, & other DF community members.

This round, hosted by dfdao & friends, will run January 1-4, 2022... and we need your help!⬇️— dfdao (@d_fdao) December 7, 2021

There will soon be more updates from dfdao & Pocket Network on the technical aspects in the coming weeks.In the meantime, you can also get involved before the round begins on Jan 1st.Read more here: MiamiSome of our team members visited the Decentral Miami conference last week. Co-founder and CEO Michael O’Rourke talked about decentralization, Web3 and the value that Pocket Network adds in this quest.

If you think #web3 isn't taking over, you'll be left behind @o_rourke of @POKTnetwork - give it 3-5 years.

Thoughts?#nft #Crypto $eth $btc #defi #smartcontracts #metaverse— Dcentral Miami Conference (@DCentralCon) December 1, 2021

Ferrum Network’s team, who are building a multi-chain token bridge for wPOKT, was also present there. Their bridge will be compatible with (but not limited to): Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Algorand, and Avalanche.

What can you do to drive relays and add nodes to the network?

Apps & App Users

If you care about privacy and decentralization, replace the default network provider in your MetaMask wallet with actual decentralized node infrastructure by adding a Pocket-powered RPC endpoints for Ethereum, Avalanche, xDAI, Fuse, and/or Polygon through the custom rpc settings!Try out any of these other apps listed in the Conscious Dappitalism page within our new docs.You can also earn a skill-role in our Discord community server for dogfooding any of those applications by completing a quest within the POKT arcade.

Nodes & Node Runners

Don’t know how to run a node? Check out the Node Runner docs above to learn how.Try out Node Pilot, it’s the most user-friendly option to spin up both base layer blockchain nodes and Pocket nodes.If you run into any issues,  a community of node runners (and our support team) would be happy to help. If you’d prefer to not run a node yourself, check out the forum for a list of node providers offering their services to people interested in participating in the ecosystem.

How to purchase POKT to stake?

When you are ready to take the step forward in supporting decentralized node infrastructure and earning Pocket’s native cryptocurrency for serving apps then visit any of these community-established OTCs: are the best way to buy or sell POKT; and it helps nodes cover the cost of their infrastructure. Join either private telegram channels (requires telegram) and message the admin to get started. Note that there are fees associated with the OTCs to help cover their costs and that neither Pocket Network, Inc., the Pocket DAO, nor the Pocket Foundation receives any of these fees nor any proceeds from the sale of POKT through the OTCs.

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