Weekly Relay Recap #47 ️

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Nov 20, 2023
Weekly Relay Recap #47 ️

Over the last week (11/18-11/24) the Pocket Network protocol successfully relayed over 718M application requests & settled at 12,828 nodes!

Weekly Relay Recap & Analysis 👋

This week, relay count fell a little short compared to last week. However, node count continued to trend upwards; adding more than 700 nodes from last week.In the previous Weekly Relay Recap, we dove into why the protocol experienced a small dip in relays. The “stickiness” issue is something that many, if not most, web2.5 infra providers suffer from. They would (and do) fail this test, so the Pocket Engineering team is super excited to have solved this issue!Earlier this week, the patch was passed to the canary and deployed on master. Selective Node Stickiness is now enabled and live for the Harmony public RPC endpoint, so traffic is expected to return in increments. It has also been enabled for all our other public RPC endpoints when they are used with web wallets as this will mitigate the errors seen lately with MetaMask.

The average daily relays hovered around ~102.6M relays for the past week.Over 3.76B relays have been processed in total throughout the last four weeks. The exact figures are displayed in the table below.

For those interested in diving deeper into the metrics, one can find them on C0D3R’s Pocket Network charts.The pie chart below shows the distribution of all POKT rewards minted over the past week between the service nodes, block producers, and the Pocket DAO.

POKTscan shows Harmony continuing to lead the blockchain pack in the number of relays routed through the Pocket Network protocol. Followed by Ethereum, then both Polygon and Fuse, with xDAI trailing slightly behind but ahead of other blockchain networks.

Harmony = Blue, Ethereum = Red, Polygon = Yellow, Fuse = Green, Pink = xDAI

What do you think the lineup will be like next week? Share your thoughts on Twitter!


GovernanceThere is one active proposal up for voting on Pocket’s Snapshot:

These three proposals all passed unanimously by voters of the Pocket DAO!

PIP-8: Using Coordinape for Contributor and PEP-16: Universal Contributor Income has received tons of community feedback. If you have any opinions or questions to share, make your voice heard by clicking on hyperlinks and commenting on the proposals.Community-Developed Ecosystem ToolsPOKTSCANLast week, POKTscan released a new feature: node set rewards summary. out how much rewards your node fleet has earned from servicing application requests!Today, POKTscan pushed a series of updates and tools to improve the UI/UX of the node runner page:

  • Added summary
  • Added top chains of the selected nodes
  • Improved rewards table
  • Added node performance table
  • Added loader to show loading progress
  • Added ability to paste a comma-separated address list on selector at the address filter input
  • Ensured that node selection saved and restored on refresh
  • Ensured that node selection stayed the same across all the node runner page

Node PilotAfter listening to the integrations requests from the Harmony community, Node Pilot has submitted a proposal to the Harmony DAO.This reduces the barrier to entry to become validators in the Harmony network; allowing anyone to easily spin up and run Harmony | Pocket validator nodes through a user-friendly GUI node deployment application.For more details, please read the proposal here: first wPOKT dev log is now out!To recap, we announced a delay on wPOKT to early Q1 2022 in our last community call. Moving forward, we assured that a weekly dev log would be released to better include the community in our process. Dev log v1 discusses the trials of finding a bridge partner, and how we adjusted parameters to make the bridge even more secure and decentralized.Read the full developer log here:


Web3 IndexAfter a successful vote, the Web3 Index listed Pocket Network among other leading middleware protocols! Pocket Network’s case, the Web3 Index tracks app developers’ dilutionary payment activity so researchers and analysts can stay up to date on the network’s demand-side fees.This is the formula used to calculate the demand-side fees:(Developer Stake / Total Suppy) x (Successful Relays x Relay to POKT Ratio x Current Day Price of POKT)Read the accompanying Why Web3 Needs Pocket Network guest post to understand how Pocket is proving to be a critical piece of Web3 infra, replacing the centralized gateway services that developers rely on today for easy access to smart contract platforms and work protocols with a permissionless, decentralized alternative.Etherplay’s ConquestYesterday, Etherplay announced the latest sponsor for their upcoming Conquest (an on-chain space conquest & diplomacy game) alpha round: Pocket Network! the official infrastructure provider for Etherplay & Conquest, players will be supported by a Görli load-balanced endpoint with a capacity of 10M relays per day. Instructions on how to add this custom RPC endpoint will be available before the round starts for those that want to get a head start.Pocket is sponsoring this round with 1k DAI and the next round with 1k DAI. This means players will be able to claim a portion of that sponsored DAI by conquering random planets and stars.

Keep an eye out for the in-game pixelated POKT logo suns!

In-game POKT Suns

For more details on other sponsors and how rewards are going to be distributed, check out the most recent announcement from Etherplay. If you are interested in playing, make sure to join their community on Discord before December 7th.WallStreet NinjaWSN shares a high-level overview of Pocket Network to illustrate how they plan to take the self-custody wallet segment to the next level through decentralized computing and blockchain relays.DAO Global HackathonThree developers took part in Pocket’s bounty for the DAO Global Hackathon, each winning 100 DAI for their projects. Check out the Ethereum-based tools they’ve built leveraging a Pocket-powered endpoint:

Loop Part 1 - 3Gnome de Plume writes a detailed three-part series on how anyone can become node runner in Pocket Network to earn passive income by relaying data to blockchains like Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, and many more. Here’s the breakdown:

POKTopus Community GiveawayReknown community contributor Jinx (aka POKTopus) recently self-organized a campaign to randomly gift POKT to other community members. At first, he meant to giveaway 1000 POKT but shortly after announcing the grassroots campaign another community member donated an additional 1000 POKT to the cause. Instead of 10 people receiving 100 POKT each, they each received 200 POKT!, they plan to organize 9 additional #POKTstorm campaigns!If you’d like to donate to the community-led POKTstorm campaign, you can donate POKT to this address.

What can you do to drive relays and add nodes to the network?

Apps & App UsersIf you care about privacy and decentralization, replace the default network provider in your MetaMask wallet with actual decentralized node infrastructure by adding a Pocket-powered RPC endpoints for Ethereum, Avalanche, xDAI, Fuse, and/or Polygon through the custom rpc settings!Try out any of these other apps listed in the Conscious Dappitalism page within our new docs .You can also earn a skill-role in our Discord community server for dogfooding any of those applications by completing a quest within the POKT arcade.Nodes & Node RunnersDon’t know how to run a node? Check out the Node Runner docs above to learn how.Try out Node Pilot, it’s the most user-friendly option to spin up both base layer blockchain nodes and Pocket nodes.If you run into any issues,  a community of node runners (and our support team) would be happy to help. If you’d prefer to not run a node yourself, check out the forum for a list of node providers offering their services to people interested in participating in the ecosystem.How to purchase POKT to stake?When you are ready to take the step forward in supporting decentralized node infrastructure and earning Pocket’s native cryptocurrency for serving apps then visit any of these community-established OTCs: are the best way to buy or sell POKT; and it helps nodes cover the cost of their infrastructure. Join either private telegram channels (requires telegram) and message the admin to get started. Note that there are fees associated with the OTCs to help cover their costs and that neither Pocket Network, Inc., the Pocket DAO, nor the Pocket Foundation receives any of these fees nor any proceeds from the sale of POKT through the OTCs.

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