Weekly Relay Recap #41 ️

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Nov 21, 2023
Weekly Relay Recap #41 ️

Over the last week (09/30 to 10/06), the Pocket Network protocol has successfully relayed over 241.3M application requests and settled at 6,119 nodes.We’d love to start off this WRR by stating:

Decentralizing crypto is no game.

— Pocket Network (@POKTnetwork) October 4, 2021

Weekly Relay Recap & Analysis 👋The first week of October marks a great one! We saw new records, with 52.6M relays on a SINGLE DAY on October 4th, followed by 52.2M relays on October 5th. Very encouraging growth numbers and as fellow infra specialist Elias Simos pointed out on Twitter, a clean X5 in relays in just a few months!While the number of relays shot right up, the number of active validator nodes on the Pocket Network decreased slightly. That said, let’s dive right into this week’s numbers via the charts below.

Last month, the Pocket Network processed over 900M relays! Considering this past week we processed ~43.3M relays per day, this would translate to far over 1B relays processed in a single month. That said, October has a golden start and it’d be great to see this growth continue, so that we can celebrate that major milestone together.The chart perfectly reflects the massive upside we’ve seen. With higher highs and higher lows created. The table below shows all relays and POKT minted this past month.

The pie chart below shows the distribution of all POKT (rewards) minted this past week:

POKTscan shows both FUSE, xDAI and the Ethereum Network were responsible for the majority of all relays processed by Pocket Network nodes this past week. Interesting is that xDAI saw a massive increase in the middle of this week (October 3-4th), whereas Fuse saw it in the beginning of the week. The Ethereum Network saw no major spikes, but rather continued at a somewhat stable pace.


* Green: Ethereum Network, purple: FUSE, light green: xDAI.


Monthly Community CallThis month's community call just finished! Missed it? No problem. We'll make to share the recording shortly.A range of topics were discussed. If there’s any topic you’d like to see discussed in next month's community call, please contact @Jackal. It'll soon be possible to RSVP for the next monthly community call on our Discord.This month's agenda:

  • Dark Forest case study (5-10 mins)
  • Ledger status update (<5 mins)
  • pocket-tools (5-10 mins)
  • Storj node snapshot solution (10-15 mins)
  • Harmony intro & node/relay overview (10-15 mins)
  • wPOKT status update (10-15 mins)
  • Multi-chain bridge proposal (10-15 mins)

Blockchain Whitelisting

We have several new RelayChain whitelistings to share with you!

  • Algorand is now whitelisted
  • Algorand Mainnet (0029)
  • Algorand Archival (000D)
  • Avalanche Fuji is now whitelisted
  • Avalanche Fuji (000E)
  • BSC Testnet is now whitelisted
  • BSC Testnet (0011)
  • BSC Testnet Archival (0012)
  • Harmony is now whitelisted
  • Harmony Shard 0 (0040)
  • Polygon Mumbai is now whitelisted
  • Polygon Mumbai (000F)
  • Polygon Mumbai Archival (00AF)

Pocket now also supports the xDAI Archival! Read more at:

Introducing Pocket support for @Solana!

A network that has grown in leaps and bounds this year now has a bedrock of decentralized node infrastructure (and full-node incentives!) for this #Solanaszn (and every one after it) 🤯Get the full scoop 👇— Pocket Network (@POKTnetwork) October 7, 2021

And we hope you didn’t miss yesterday’s announcement (October 7th), Solana is now supported by the decentralized and rock-solid Pocket infrastructure! See: NOT add the RelayChainIDs to your pocket node stake until you have ensured your nodes are working correctly, otherwise your Pocket node will be slashed.Note: Endpoints are not available in the Portal yet but our Settlers of New Chains program provides a baseline of RPC requests to cover your infra costs. We'll share more once the service is made available to Portal users.If you need any support, please join us on Discord in the #node-runner channel.GovernanceVarious discussions are happening on the forums again! Including PEP-11: Bridge to a multi-chain POKT. We’d love to see you participate on our forums and in our Discord server. Make your voice heard!Currently no new governance proposals are up for voting.Pocket-tools v.0.2.0 is here!

pocket-tools v0.2.0 🪓🌲⛺️

- adds handy RPC methods to inspect the chain- getAccount- getAccountHistory- getApp- getApps👇👇— Enrique Ortiz 🌲 (@cryptoyizus) October 7, 2021

A big thank you to Enrique for sharing pocket-tools v0.2.0 with us:

  • adds handy RPC methods to inspect the chain
  • getAccount
  • getAccountHistory
  • getApp/getApps

Pocket-tools is a collection of useful tools that can be used by anyone building on the Pocket Network.The tools can be found on Github at:


Pocket Network X Rocket Pool

🚀 @Rocket_Pool = decentralizing ETH staking

🏗️ @POKTnetwork = decentralizing $ETH RPC layerWhat do you get when you combine us? Our latest announcement!We're excited to be working with Rocket Pool, for a decentralized Ethereum.Read more 👇— Pocket Network (@POKTnetwork) October 6, 2021

When Ethereum staking first came to light, it soon after became clear that those that wanted to participate would need to own at least 32 ETH. Luckily, various parties aim to enable anyone that’s interested to stake their ETH to be able to participate!One of these parties is Rocket Pool, who decentralize access to ETH2 staking.Pocket Network is excited to now provide Rocket Pool smartnodes with decentralized RPC endpoints to their ETH1 connection. This enables smartnodes to interface with Ethereum without having to run their own GETH node (or paying for expensive infrastructure services).Interested in learning more about Rocket Pool and about how this works? Check out our official announcement: can you do to drive relays and add nodes to the network?Apps and App users.If you care about privacy and decentralization, replace the default network provider in your MetaMask wallet with actual decentralized node infrastructure by adding a Pocket-powered RPC endpoints for Ethereum, Avalanche, xDAI, Fuse, and/or Polygon through the custom rpc settings!Try out any of these other apps listed in the Conscious Dappitalism page within our new docs .You can also earn a skill-role in our Discord community server for dogfooding any of those applications by completing a quest within the POKT arcade.NodesDon’t know how to run a node? Check out the Node Runner docs above to learn how.Try out Node Pilot, it’s the most user-friendly option to spin up both base layer blockchain nodes and Pocket nodes.If you run into any issues,  a community of node runners (and our support team) would be happy to help. If you’d prefer to not run a node yourself, check out the forum for a list of node providers offering their services to people interested in participating in the ecosystem.

How to purchase POKT to stake?

When you are ready to take the step forward in supporting decentralized node infrastructure and earning Pocket’s native cryptocurrency for serving apps then visit any of these community-established OTCs: are the best way to buy or sell POKT; and it helps nodes cover the cost of their infrastructure. Join either private telegram channels (requires telegram) and message the admin to get started. Note that there are fees associated with the OTCs to help cover their costs and that neither Pocket Network, Inc., the Pocket DAO, nor the Pocket Foundation receives any of these fees nor any proceeds from the sale of POKT through the OTCs.

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