TokenInsight Report Calls Pocket Network TCP/IP of Web3 Node Infrastructure

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Nov 20, 2023
TokenInsight Report Calls Pocket Network TCP/IP of Web3 Node Infrastructure

In a report published January 28th, 2021, TokenInsight Research gave Pocket Network a "Positive Outlook" BB rating.

TokenInsight provides meta and performance data for the crypto asset market. It offers project ratings based on the experience of the team, the development stage of the project and the strength of the ecosystem, among other factors.

It also rates spot and derivative crypto exchanges based on a series of factors such as security, management team, trading activity and user experience.

The full report can be read by anyone here:


TokenInsight's report starts with recognizing the macro of the situation: Pocket Network is a decentralized blockchain agnostic service providing relays amidst a sea of centralized competitors.

With decentralization, a core competitive advantage in a "booming market... which has relatively large demands and long-term necessities", "Pocket Network will profit more from the future adoption of Web3" reads the report.

Decentralization is a core competitive advantage of Pocket Network compared with other competitors, especially from recurring centralization risks

No project is perfect and the report cites that Pocket only currently accounts for a small portion of the market, against competitors with stable customers. Additionally, TokenInsight notes our bootstrapping phase and potential risk factors like outpacing inflation.


For those looking for a deeper look with an outside perspective, this nearly 20 page report covers everything from our history, details about Pocket's core mechanics, as well as statistics like growth rates, size of our team, and even things like a thorough ecosystem analysis.

The direct PDF link available for viewing and download is here:英文_compressed.pdf

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