The Portal To Private Multi-Chain Infrastructure

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Nov 21, 2023
The Portal To Private Multi-Chain Infrastructure

When it comes to building a killer Dapp, worrying about how to maintain decentralized infrastructure shouldn’t be a concern for developers. And end users shouldn’t have to worry if their data is being sold to marketers or left in a digital cookie jar for hackers.Which is why we’re proud to announce the launch of the new Pocket Portal, an open source front end and API enabling more Web3 developers to build with unstoppable infrastructure on any blockchain supported by Pocket Network.In just a few clicks, anyone can get an endpoint servicing relays for their application at rates 10x cheaper than centralized alternatives.The goal of Pocket Network was never simply to be “cheaper” than alternatives. Dramatic cost-savings is a second order effect of how the architecture is designed. With the release of the Pocket Portal, we aim to reflect the value that has been demonstrated within the financial primitives segment and into the infrastructure arena. Money Legos on top of Infra Legos.

A Necessary Stepping Stone

Eventually, we expect developers to run the Portal themselves. While the logs we keep are as minimal as possible to protect end users, developers could protect users even further. If the Portal is self hosted, developers can get necessary data from users directly, without exposing information to any third parties.Privacy features like our tried and true session tumbling, which automatically randomizes the 5 nodes servicing your app hourly is integrated into our portal as well. This makes it nearly impossible for a single node to reverse engineer the types of relays an application is requesting, keeping user privacy intact.Portal users will also enjoy automatic load balancing as well, ensuring no single point gets bogged down with traffic and that you can focus entirely on growing.

A Brief Tour

Upon entering the dashboard, users are first greeted by a high level overview of the current network status:

If you go over to “create”, you can find the simple process it takes to spin up an endpoint and get going:

Once created, you’ll have a dashboard where you can switch chains, check if requests are being logged successfully, and other useful data for monitoring the status of your endpoint.

For a video walkthrough of the Pocket Portal, watch it here.

A Free Trial Better Than Most Paid Options

To make this deal even sweeter, we’re giving developers that switch over access to 1 million free relays a day per endpoint (max 4 endpoints), full stop.First come, first served. No strings attached, and you’re free to use the bandwidth in any way you see fit.If you choose to expand, you can simply upgrade to a paid version, with costs up to 10x lower than a similar offering from a centralized provider. In the following months, developers will be able to buy POKT and stake it to turn infrastructure from a sunk cost into an asset the longer Pocket Network is used.And with our upcoming wPOKT release, users of your community could potentially be able to stake wPOKT to crowdsource infrastructure on your behalf - free infrastructure for you, and a lucrative yield farming opportunity for them!For developers interested in decentralizing infrastructure and transforming sunk costs into an asset, signup for an account with the Pocket Portal today at Pocket PortalWant to help spread the news!?Like and share the Product Hunt listingGoing to Paris for ETH CC? Come and chat with us!Tweet about it to us @POKTnetwork

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