Tezos Grant Update:

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Nov 21, 2023
Tezos Grant Update:

Pocket forgoes Internal SDKs to support Tezos Community ToolsThis past June, it was announced that Pocket Network would be included in the first cohort of the Tezos Ecosystem Grant fund. The original scope of work was:

  • Run Tezos Infrastructure
  • Develop JS, Android, and iOS plugins for Pocket Core Client SDKs
  • Develop documentation and developer education materials such as walkthrough videos.

This in and of itself would add significant value to the Tezos developer ecosystem, and we were excited that the Tezos Foundation agreed with us as well!And then that “aha” moment hits, and together we realized that with a small little tweak, the POKT integration would be exponentially more useful to the entire Tezos Ecosystem.In the time from the original submission of the grant proposal to the most recent development sprint, we have seen many tool projects spring up in the Tezos community that looks promising.Because this grant program is for the development of the Tezos Ecosystem as a whole, and Pocket has no intention of competing with other aspiring tool creators in the Tezos community, we had an idea.After speaking with many Tezos tool projects and then getting the go-ahead from the Tezos Foundation, we have agreed to slightly alter the scope of the grant that we originally received.We are happy to announce that, instead of developing the plugins for Pocket Core SDKs, we will be building integrations to the following Tezos SDK projects as a start:Swift (iOS) — We will integrate with TezosKit from Keefer Taylor.Android — We will integrate with TezosJ_SDK from the team.JavaScript — We will integrate with EzTz from the TezTech team.This will introduce a few more moving parts now that we are working with multiple teams as opposed to simply our own, but each team has been very responsive and willing to work with us on this effort.We are confident that we will deliver all integrations for review by early August! After this initial round of integrations, we’re excited to explore how POKT can continue to be of use to even more Tezos SDK projects, and we’d love to continue developing our relationship as a trusted partner for all future Tezos SDK projects.It’s also important to note that the rest of the scope of the grant is still in place, which means that we will still be developing the tutorials and developer education materials for use on our developer portal so that you will have a single source to work with if you choose.We must give kudos to The Tezos Foundation and the various projects involved for walking the walk when it comes to open source development and true ecosystem improvement. It was a no-brainer to all parties involved and that gives us confidence for what future will emerge from the Tezos blockchain and ecosystem.Looking forward to showing you the code and expect more content from us regarding integrations, mobile blockchain development, sustainable decentralization, and more!If you are interested in integrating with Pocket Network, feel free to check out the developer portal for details or reach out in the Pocket Discord Channel for community support.

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