POKT Network & Gnosis: From 2021 to the Recent Gnosis Merge

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Jan 23, 2024
POKT Network & Gnosis: From 2021 to the Recent Gnosis Merge

Gnosis was one of the early sidechains to Ethereum, offering easy compatibility to developers and an efficient and scalable solution, while providing stablecoin utility with the xDai token. Pocket has been supporting Gnosis since July 2021, in line with our mission to service decentralized applications across chains.

Low Gas, Diverse Validators, and Effective DAO Governance

Gnosis is an Ethereum-compatible sidechain, using its native stablecoin - xDai - for execution of smart contracts and gas fees. Gnosis brings a variety of benefits to the table, including:

  • Fast transaction times around 5 seconds
  • Low gas costs
  • Compatibility with other Ethereum-based chains like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, BSC and others.
  • Multiple full-featured explorers

Gnosis also prides itself on being a community-led chain, with over 100K validators worldwide, ensuring the security and performance of the network. As with Pocket, Gnosis went a step further to establish a DAO, incorporating the GNO token into governance and offering the chance for anyone to contribute directly to the project’s progress and roadmap.More broadly speaking, Gnosis’ mission is to build decentralized infrastructure for the Ethereum world, with multiple use cases evolving out of its original focus on building prediction markets to enable worldwide access to accurate information. While building that prediction market platform, Gnosis realized that it would need to build the infrastructure required to support it, and broader goals of supporting the Ethereum ecosystem were brought into its mission.Pocket and Gnosis share the mission of bolstering openness, decentralization, and opportunities for both developers and for the broader Web3 space.

A Diverse Ecosystem of Decentralized Applications

The Gnosis ecosystem encompasses a broad swath of decentralized apps, including:

  • DeFi protocols (Sushi, Uniswap, 1inch, LI.FI, Curve)
  • NFTs (e.g., POAP, Foundation, xDaiPunks)
  • Wallets (Gnosis Safe)
  • DAOs (Aragon, DXDAO)
  • Infrastructure providers (Streamr, Hopr)
  • Tools and Resources (Connext, xDai Bridge)

According to DeFi Llama, Gnosis powers over $50 million in Total Value Locked (TVL), with a peak earlier this year of over $240 million.

Pocket’s Support of Gnosis: From the Early Days Through the Recent Gnosis Merge

Pocket has been supporting Gnosis Chain since July 2021, in the earlier days of our mission to decentralize node infrastructure across Web3. Gnosis’s focus on having a worldwide, diversified network of validators is aligned with our views around decentralization, minimizing single points of failure, and offering opportunities for everyone.Pocket has been backing Gnosis on its growth trajectory, as the chain has risen to one of the top five largest sources of serviced relays in our ecosystem. Currently, Gnosis represents 13% of our serviced relays, recently moving into the #3 spot out of all supported blockchains.

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Recently, as Gnosis underwent its Proof of Stake merge, our decentralized network of node runners stepped up to handle large increases in traffic from the chain, with weekly relays spiking for both Gnosis (relays up 26%) and Gnosis Archival (relays up 167%) around the time of the merge. At the time of writing, Pocket Network has more than 24,000 nodes, distributed worldwide, servicing Gnosis.

Gnosis relays serviced by Pocket - December 4th through December 15th

Decentralized Infrastructure For All

Just as Pocket is helping Gnosis to decentralize its node infrastructure and enjoy maximum uptime, high-performance, and reliability, Pocket can also help decentralize your chain, or enable your decentralized applications to access multichain data from the blockchain ecosystems they’re built on.With Pocket, you can access 40+ networks, link up your dApp easily, and enable your end users to benefit from low latency and decentralized reliability - it’s infrastructure made easy.If you’re building in the Gnosis ecosystem, you can tap into our network of 24K+ nodes and start using a Pocket endpoint in minutes in the Pocket Portal. You can take advantage of up to 250,000 daily relays with our Always Free tier, while the “Pay As You Go” plan meets your growth trajectory if you need more infrastructure power.

📡 Set Up a Pocket Endpoint In Minutes

You can also use a Pocket-powered Gnosis endpoint in MetaMask in just a few quick steps.

🔧 Decentralize Your MetaMask With Pocket's Gnosis Endpoint

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