Saturn Network integrates with Pocket Network

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Nov 21, 2023
Saturn Network integrates with Pocket Network

True to their mission of providing users with a decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum and Ethereum Classic tokens, Saturn Network is integrating with Pocket Network as a preferred infrastructure provider.

One of the most glaring security risks for any decentralized application is the over-reliance on single service providers for full-nodes, which in turn tend to rely on large data centers run by FAANG mega-corporations. We know of these mega centers as “The Cloud.”

In their recent announcement post, Saturn Network acknowledges the risk of what we call “Full-Node Centralization” and are taking the steps to safeguard their users against this threat, and in turn contributing to the “Re-Decentralization” of Ethereum and major public blockchain networks.

For the ELI5 version, the less full nodes in a public blockchain network, the less secure it is. The more full nodes in a network that are controlled by single sources, the higher the risk you run of censorship, outages, and/or unwarranted price gouging.

Pocket Network Co-Founder and CEO, Michael O’Rourke, describes this problem in-depth in his post “Crypto-networks will challenge infrastructure monopolies

In short, Pocket Network acts as a middleware protocol for coordinating application requests across a diverse network of Full Nodes across any blockchain. This protects applications from many of the full-node centralization risks, and by using a crypto-economic model compared to a middle-man service fee model, Pocket Network further cuts costs and distributes the value directly to full nodes operators.

Through Saturn integrating with Pocket within its apps and wallet, Saturn has taken a stance on the matter and taking a large step towards end-to-end decentralization of their DApp stack.

To learn more about Saturn Network, visit their blog and telegram, where they have a lively community of users and activists!

Look forward to more announcements coming from our teams.


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