Relay Recap #68 - Polygon and BSC Gain in Shares of Total Relays, Ahead of Ethereum’s Huge Jump

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Nov 20, 2023
Relay Recap #68 - Polygon and BSC Gain in Shares of Total Relays, Ahead of Ethereum’s Huge Jump

Happy weekend everyone! We’re back with another Relay Recap.In the time frame covered here, Pocket Network relays were up again from the prior week, closing this period with three consecutive days of well over 900 million relays.Throughout the week, the network serviced an average of896 million daily relays, with the daily high for this time period recorded at 934 million on June 6th.On another note, we’d be remiss not to mention the absolute explosion in Ethereum relays over the last couple of days (473 million relays in the last 24 hours at the time of writing), largely driven by a huge boost in Metamask traffic. Since this Relay Recap only covers up to June 8th, stay tuned for more info on Ethereum relays next week!

Overall, 6.3 billion relays were serviced during the week, representing a 4% increase over the 6 billion relays the prior week.

Chain Highlights

BSC continued its march up the rankings in terms of top relay chains on Pocket Network, with every single day of this week beating the daily high from this chain in the previous week. Overall, BSC relays were up 178% compared to last week, which resulted in BSC’s share of total relays jumping from 3% to 9%. BSC is also approaching the “100 million club,” as its daily high for this period was about 92 million relays on June 6th. This trend over the last several weeks has placed BSC as the 5th highest source of relays on Pocket Network at the time of writing.Polygon also had a strong week, with a steady uptrend during the entire time frame. Relays from this chain were up about 6% compared to last week, which allowed Polygon to grow its proportion of total relays by 1%. Polygon closed the period with its highest daily relay figure of the week, at 271 million.Avalanche was another chain showing strong growth this week, with relays up about 12% compared to the prior period. After a brief dip on June 5th, daily relays grew each of the next 3 days, closing the time period with a weekly high of 7 million daily relays on June 8th.OEC had a huge spike over the course of the last 3 days of this week, with a daily high of 1.7 million relays on June 7th. Thanks to this jump over the second half of the week, OEC relays were up 158% compared to last week.Finally, Evmos showed a strong uptrend during the entire week, cracking the 1 million daily relay mark on the last day of this period. Compared to last week, Evmos relays were up 113%. We’re excited for chains like OEC and Evmos to grow with Pocket Network and increase their share of total relays.Remember to visit the Pocket Portal to get set up with RPC endpoints for these and other chains that Pocket Network supports!

New Chains Supported on Pocket Network

Pocket Network continues to support more blockchains on its “road to 100 chains.” During the time frame covered here, we were excited to announce two new supported chains: Moonbeam Mainnet (0050) and Moonriver Mainnet (0051).Moonbeam, a top destination for multi-chain applications on the Polkadot Network, has been a particularly exciting blockchain network to integrate with Pocket Network as it completed its launch process. With this launch, Moonbeam is now the first fully operational parachain on Polkadot, with dozens of projects already deployed.Similarly, we are excited to launch on Moonbeam’s sister chain Moonriver, which brought significant DApp deployments and usage to the Kusama network in Q3 2021.Eric Ullrich, Business Development Representative at Pocket Network, had this to say about the newly launched support:

“The Moonbeam ecosystem is flourishing with innovation and we at Pocket Network could not be more excited to support by bringing a truly decentralized and censorship-resistant RPC layer to the party.”

Endpoints are available now in the Portal!

Node Earnings

From June 2nd through June 8th, each of the top 3 relay chains produced at least 2.5 million in POKT earnings for nodes, with Polygon taking the top spot at 3.2 million. This week saw a flip of the top 2, with Polygon reclaiming the #1 spot from Harmony, while Gnosis - xDai held its spot as the #3 chain in total POKT earned.

In terms of average daily POKT earned per node, the top 5 chains at the end of this time frame were:

  • Polygon
  • Harmony
  • Gnosis - xDai
  • BSC
  • Fantom

Similar to total earnings, Polygon took the top spot from Harmony compared to last week’s average earnings per node, while BSC vaulted up to take the #4 spot after not being in the top 5 last week.

Node Infrastructure

As of June 8th, Pocket Network’s decentralized infrastructure included 48,306 active nodes across approximately 30 different countries, allowing the network to provide constant uptime and resiliency while supporting nearly 50 different chains.

Wrap Up

  • Total relays were up again compared to the prior week, showing a slow but steady uptrend throughout the time frame.
  • Polygon gained in its share of total relays, and took the top spot for weekly relays back from Harmony.
  • BSC made its strong growth trend even more pronounced this week, allowing it to move into the top 5 in terms of relays and node earnings.
  • Chains like Avalanche, OEC, and Evmos showed exciting signs of growth as they build towards more of a share of total Pocket Network relays

Thanks for reading! We’ll catch you for the next recap, which will give us an opportunity to highlight the massive growth that we’ve been seeing from Ethereum over the past couple of days.

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