Relay Recap #67 - Harmony Reclaims the Top Spot for the Week

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Nov 20, 2023
Relay Recap #67 - Harmony Reclaims the Top Spot for the Week

Happy weekend everyone! We’re back with another Relay Recap. In the time frame covered here, Pocket Network relays were up slightly from the prior week, again showing strong consistency between 800 and 900 million daily relays.Throughout the week, the network serviced an average of861 million daily relays, with the daily high for this time period recorded at 900 million on May 26th.

Overall, 6 billion relays were serviced during the week, representing a 3% increase over the 5.9 billion relays the prior week.

Chain Highlights

Harmony showed a strong relay performance during this time period, particularly at the beginning of the week. After accounting for 264 million relays on the first day of this period, Harmony finished with about 1.6 billion relays for the week, up around 14% compared to last week. This allowed Harmony to take the top spot for total relays out of all chains, and grow its proportion of total relays from 23% to 27%.After 4 days around the 20 million daily relays mark, BSC Mainnet saw a nice jump up for the remainder of the timeframe, putting in 3 consecutive days between 30 and 35 million daily relays (around a 50% increase compared to earlier in the week). For weeks now, BSC has been a regular in our Chain Highlights, thanks to its continued growth in daily relays.DFKchain Subnet also saw a spike in relays beginning on May 26th, hitting a high of around 11 million daily relays during this week (compared to an average of about 8.6 million daily relays last week). DFK finished the week with about 72 million total relays, up nearly 20% from last week.Remember to visit the Pocket Portal to get set up with RPC endpoints for these and other chains that Pocket Network supports!

Node Earnings

From May 26th through June 1st, each of the top 3 relay chains produced well upwards of 3 million in POKT earnings for nodes, with Harmony crossing the 4 million mark. This week saw a reshuffling of the top 3, with Harmony taking the top spot from Polygon, and Gnosis - xDai giving way to Polygon for the 2nd spot.

In terms of average daily POKT earned per node, the top 5 chains at the end of this time frame were:

  • Harmony
  • Polygon
  • Gnosis - xDai
  • Fantom
  • FUSE

Harmony took the top spot from Polygon compared to last week, while FUSE took Ethereum’s spot for 5th place on this list.

Node Infrastructure

As of June 2nd, Pocket Network’s decentralized infrastructure included 48,275 active nodes across approximately 30 different countries, allowing the network to provide constant uptime and resiliency while supporting nearly 50 different chains.

Wrap Up

  • Total relays rose slightly compared to the prior week, and remained very consistent in a channel between 800 and 900 million.
  • Harmony gained in its share of total relays and took the top spot for weekly relays.
  • BSC continued its strong growth trend in weekly relays.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll catch you for the next recap!

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