Ramping Up POKT Network’s Gateway Strategy with the Announcement of 3 New Gateways

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Apr 9, 2024
Ramping Up POKT Network’s Gateway Strategy with the Announcement of 3 New Gateways

POKT Network is excited to announce 3 new Gateways to POKT Network, from Developer DAO, Raid Guild, and Chainstack: doubling the number from today, taking us from just 1 Gateway just 7 months ago to a total of 6 Gateways in the very near future.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of three new Gateways from: Developer DAO, Porters (backed by Raid Guild), and Chainstack

Each of these new Gateways will benefit from the scalability and robustness of the universal RPC base layer, while growing the demand that flows through it all by building better features and services, tailoring for specific use cases, and optimising performance.

This demand-side decentralization will be the business model innovation of DePINs. 

Instead of one entity acting as the single access point to our universal RPC base layer - our “network marketplace” - just one group building front-end features, pitching new clients, and supporting customers - there can be hundreds. One for every customer niche and region and every flavour in between.

Instead of every new infrastructure startup spending their VC bags playing infrastructure catch-up before they can even start to innovate and improve on the status quo, they can outsource that infra back-end to our base layer and immediately tap into and resell our 100% uptime, <25ms latency, and connection to to 60+ chains, via ~15k nodes in 22 countries.

Consumers and customers win because there are more companies, delivering better products. 

But we’re not just excited about Gateways to POKT Network per se, we’re specifically excited about these 3 Gateways, and the other 3 that they are joining.

Here’s what these new Gateways are bringing:

  • Developer DAO: the first Gateway to be owned and operated by a DAO, channelling RPC revenues back into public good and providing censorship resistant RPC. Its unparalleled network of builders will accelerate innovation and growth. Developer DAO highlights a model where technology advances common good.
  • Porters: drawing on technical talent from the leading Web3 developer collective Raid Guild, which has supported nearly 200 Web3 development projects, Porters will build features and services at an unprecedented pace, while adhering to open-source principles. Porters envisions a new era of decentralized infrastructure—a platform built by developers, for developers.
  • Chainstack: one of the largest and most respected RPC businesses and another provider in Infura’s mulitchain RPC network DIN, Chainstack is primed to quickly channel significant volume to the network, using POKT Network to hyperscale to new chains and further elevate resilience. Anticipating an initial relay volume of ~100 million relays per day, Chainstack signals its intent to scale operations rapidly.

This is a rapid ramp up of the Gateway Strategy we have been working on for some time:

  • Grove: our first Gateway and the team who demonstrated the benefits of abstracting away the complexity of dealing directly with a decentralized protocol, providing performance optimization, feature development, sales, and customer support.
  • Nodies: our second Gateway, whose open-sourced tech stack is accelerating the rollout. They went from a standing start with no brand or zero distribution, to sending ~25% of total volume through the network within just over 4 months.
  • Liquify: a third Gateway that is integrating at the moment, helping us to road test and optimise the Gateway Kit that was developed by Nodies. We will start to see their impact on network volume later this month.

Growing the number of Gateways from one to three was significant. 

Doubling now from three to six is a huge ramp up. 

The volume impact when it starts to come through will feel sudden. But, like most “overnight success stories”, it has been a long time in the making.

Web2 giants like Uber and AirBnb showed the world the rapid scale that could be achieved by decentralizing supply (their drivers and hosts). Their creation of the “sharing economy”, or network marketplace, was one of the last, big, business model innovations of Web2.

It changed their sectors for good and turned their businesses into unicorns.

Decentralization of demand-side is the true business model innovation of DePIN.

“As POKT Network proves the benefits of this approach we expect to see other DePINs adopting a similar playbook to rapidly accelerate growth and innovation.”   

Blockworks DePIN Report, April 2024

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