Quiknode partners with Pocket to deliver reliable node infrastructure.

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Nov 21, 2023
Quiknode partners with Pocket to deliver reliable node infrastructure.

Ethereum has positioned itself as a leader among blockchain computation services, but anyone familiar with connecting to it knows the pain of establishing and maintaining their own node. One of the major hurdles which must be cleared prior to real-world adoption of DApps will be making their setup much easier. Today, we’re removing one of those hurdles! At Pocket, our goal is connecting any app with any blockchain on any device. Naturally, we chose to partner with Quiknode, an Ethereum node infrastructure provider to assist with creating a path for developers to build on the network with minimal effort. When transaction success matters, users may rest assured knowing that their Quiknode is always online and synced through a high-speed connection. a variety of RPC methods at their disposal, Quiknode makes interacting via Parity, Geth and even MetaMask easy for developers and power users alike. Set up your node and you’re able to make calls and transactions to ETH MainNet, Ropsten, Rinkeby & Kovan in no time.The Quiknode infrastructure and interface are specifically designed to appeal to developers and significantly shorten the time from idea to launch. Nodes are ready in 10 minutes and monthly contracts are simple to establish or renew.Thorough integration with Pocket, each network multiplies in both utility and value. A new means of transaction between DApss both in and outside the Ethereum network are established through connectivity with the Pocket Network. The result is a mutually beneficial and resilient economic framework.To further cement the bonds of our network, Quiknode is also invited to become part of our governance initiatives. Recognizing their sponsorship of hackathons and other projects in the Ethereum community, we have extended this opportunity to allow them to diversify their revenue streams while further decentralizing our network. Pocket looks forward to establishing a quality relationship with Quiknode, because good stewards build long-lasting enterprises!Originally published at on April 19, 2019.

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