Protofire partners with Pocket to extend high-quality development tools and services.

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Nov 21, 2023
Protofire partners with Pocket to extend high-quality development tools and services.

To fully appreciate and eventually realize the potential of decentralized networks, designing and launching applications will demand an ever-increasing degree of incremental improvement. The blockchain ecosystem is still in its infancy, but some are beginning to recognize the need to specialize. Serving this idea at its core is Protofire, who supports development communities in their aim to improve the world.Profire is deeply involved on a technical level with the blockchain ecosystem, and maintains a philosophical alignment as well. By involving themselves directly with improvement and participation in decentralized networks, the team is quickly building a world-class reputation of expertise and reliability. developing smart contracts, conducting peer review, or carrying out structural and security assessments, Protofire’s services are available to full lifecycle development for DApps. They are also available to assist in the design of your token launch ICO. Through a number of highly thorough blockchain-specific services, Protofire does the fine polishing to bring your blockchain product to the highest possible level of perfection.Additionally, Protofire creates high-quality SDKs and APIs among other developer tools which provide integration with oracles and stablecoins. Clients include , and chain among others. They have released open-source products which allow for advanced linting of Solidity code ( ) and an Ethereum command-line interface designed to assist in educating as well. Upcoming interests include setting lofty sights on working toward adding zero-knowledge-proofs to Ethereum.Through their partnership with Pocket, Protofire will help the network connect with a broad spectrum of highly-developed and optimized blockchain protocols, platforms and startups. By running a Pocket node, Protofire will leverage their position to additional economic benefit as an important player in our growing web of infrastructure partnerships. New avenues to monetize emergent DApp ecosystems await discovery!Originally published at on April 20, 2019.

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