Portis pushes for full decentralization

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Nov 21, 2023
Portis pushes for full decentralization

One of the first projects to grasp the vision of Pocket Network,, has now fully integrated Pocket-JS-Core software into their Web3 Provider.

This means that with a simple config, DApps using Portis can guarantee that their infrastructure remains decentralized, thus minimizing the risk of censorship and node failure.

Early adopters of Crypto and DApps have been willing to jump through many hurdles, just to support the movement toward a future in which individuals have more ownership and agency of their digital identity and the economies that they participate in.

Portis inherently relieves users from most of the hurdle-driven headaches. They could have just stuck with the more common and “convenient” services. Instead, by taking the time to add Pocket’s decentralized node network, they demonstrate their team’s equal commitment to the broader vision, making all that early adopter legwork worth it.

Portis makes interfacing with decentralized applications seamless through a simple email and password login, without the need to download browser plugins. This perfectly compliments Pocket, who makes interfacing with node infrastructure frictionless through easy-to-use developer tools and a few lines of code.

You can check out how easy it is to configure Pocket network by checking out the Portis documentation link and code example.

Portis went ahead and tested the config on their demo DApp “ Crypto Puppers” and it works seamlessly.

To learn more about Portis and Pocket, and their combined mission to accelerate the development and adoption of decentralized applications, chat with the team on telegram. — —

And if you would like to work directly with the Pocket(and or Portis) team to help accelerate your DApp development do not hesitate to reach out via the Pocket Discord.

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