How Grove's Portal Brings Easy Multichain Infrastructure for Wallets

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Jan 23, 2024
How Grove's Portal Brings Easy Multichain Infrastructure for Wallets

We’ve been breaking down how Portal’s decentralized RPC service is the ideal solution for crypto wallet development, delivering benefits that can’t be matched by other providers. 

Here, we’ll take a look at Portal’s multichain strengths and how they’re serving wallets. Make sure to check out some of our other wallet-focused insights as well, including how Portal is delivering maximum uptime and reliability and easy scalability to wallet developers.

Hey wallet devs, sick of juggling multiple RPC services for different chains? Want to consolidate into a single RPC solution? We've got your back. 

Portal offers the ideal one-stop solution for multichain RPC service, and helps you create a smooth user experience for your wallet, whether it’s an EOA wallet, a smart contract wallet, MPC wallet, or any other flavor. Portal’s multichain infrastructure and broad EVM support is a game-changer for crypto wallet development, and adds value for both builders like you, and your users.

Intuitive multichain development with Portal

With Portal, you can easily access RPC services across dozens of supported chains. Leave the headaches behind and simplify your development journey.

Our support for a wide array of blockchains - including Layer 1, Layer 2, sidechains, subnets, parachains, Cosmos chains, rollups, ZKs, and more - means you can cater to any of your users' needs without juggling multiple RPC providers or services. Sit back, relax, and focus on creating the best wallet experiences that lead to greater adoption.

Easy EVM support: Max out your wallet's potential

Portal's wide-ranging EVM support opens up more possibilities for wallet devs and their end users. With Portal’s decentralized infrastructure bringing more EVM compatibility to your wallet, you can create a dApp that's a true one-stop-shop for your users to manage assets and handle their transactions across more blockchains.

For the end user, this means a single wallet that adapts to their needs, and reduces the multi-wallet juggling. It’s just a better user experience. By offering more EVM versatility, you can capture more users and make your wallet stand out from a jam-packed landscape in crypto wallet development.

Supported EVM chains include:

Portal makes multichain crypto wallet development easy with broad EVM support.

Not to mention other non-EVM supported chains like Osmosis, Starknet, NEAR, and many more.

The multichain advantage for wallets

With Portal’s decentralized infrastructure making multichain RPC service easy, your wallet can ensure lightning-fast cross-chain transactions, streamlined DeFi use cases across different chains, NFT reads and transfers, and all the multichain benefits you want to bring to your users. 

Plus, by supporting a growing number of chains, Portal spares you the pain of dealing with multiple patchwork RPC solutions. By doing so, it helps your wallet stay at the forefront. You can more easily cater to the evolving needs of your users, while you keep your focus on building and improving (rather than managing infrastructure headaches).

See all supported blockchains

Reliable, performant, and cost-effective RPC service can be a way for you to stand out in the crowded wallet market. The resilience of Portal’s decentralized RPC service forms a strong infrastructure backbone for your wallet. With Portal, your users can transact across networks without delays or centralized outages.

Then, as traffic on your wallet grows and expands across multiple chains, Portal's infrastructure scales right along with it. You can handle that increasing user demand without breaking a sweat.

With this kind of trustworthy RPC infrastructure, wallet users can more efficiently manage assets across chains. Your users will have a more seamless and smooth experience overall.

Jumpstart your wallet with Portal

Ready to turbocharge your wallet with Portal's multichain RPC support? 

Starting an account in the Portal is free and takes just a few minutes. Once you’re in, you can create up to two applications (unlimited for enterprise plans), and as many RPC endpoints as you need across any supported chains.

Bring decentralized infrastructure to your wallet now

Portal’s free tier is great for new projects, startups, and businesses looking to test new chains or experiment with different use cases. Need more firepower? The PAYG plan scales easily with your wallet’s traffic. 

Looking for a custom-tailored, high-volume solution? Drop us a line and we’ll help you find the perfect RPC solution for your wallet.

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