Pocket Network sponsors Polygon’s first hackathon as its decentralized RPC Provider

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Nov 21, 2023
Pocket Network sponsors Polygon’s first hackathon as its decentralized RPC Provider

Pocket Network recently launched support for the Polygon to great reception and now we are proud to announce that Pocket is a primary sponsor for Polygon Hacks - the first of its kind, Polygon-centric hackathon using quadratic funding grants with the sole purpose of supporting growth of the Polygon ecosystem.This Hackathon will be a month-long event, starting on August 30th and ending October 29th.

Earn Bounties by using Pocket's De-Infra.

What's a hackathon without some bounties?Teams looking to earn bounties from Pocket have two ways to do so, with a total of $10,000 up for grabs.The first is by integrating a Pocket-powered endpoint into your dApp.Judging will be based on creativity and utility of the dApp, with first place winning 2500 USDC. We are also allocating an additional $4000 for the general judge prize pool.Bounties will be challenges for teams to implement Pocket Network's protocol and leverage our unstoppable network of over 5000 nodes. On top of earning prizes from successfully completing bounties, teams will also be able to use our unstoppable infrastructure for free.

On top of this we are also giving away one custom endpoint as a special prize - specialized for the winner!

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As super funders of the hackathon, we will also be hosting two workshops, showing how easy it is to implement Pocket as your infrastructure solution. We'll also be highlighting the benefits of our decentralized infrastructure network and show how we achieve industry-level up times at industry-beating prices.If you're a team, project, or individual that is interested, make sure to ask us any questions and we'll be glad to help!

Registration for projects starts on August 30th, which if you haven’t already, you can sign up here

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