POKTscan: Transparent Analytics for Pocket Network

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Nov 20, 2023
POKTscan: Transparent Analytics for Pocket Network

Are you into statistics? Do you want to know everything about Pocket’s performance and growth over time? POKTscan has the answers for you. The transparency of Web3 protocols ideally enables everyone to check what’s happening under the hood at all times. On POKTscan, analysts, users, and researchers can review the state of Pocket’s protocol and discover the nuances behind its key metrics. Let’s explore how you can use POKTscan. The openness and transparency of the crypto sector is not only a mantra or a vague cultural trait, but a characteristic embedded in protocols themselves. Pocket Network is no exception.At any time, publicly and freely, people can check what is happening “under the hood” with Pocket Network. POKTscan is a key resource to do this. POKTscan allows you to gather data, draft independent analysis and research, and benefit from the openness of the space while learning more about Pocket’s protocol.So, what are some of the metrics you can explore with POKTscan?

Key Metrics Via the Dashboard

When opening POKTscan, you’ll see the Dashboard with all the main metrics of the Pocket protocol. You’ll notice information about the latest blocks produced, Pocket’s performance in terms of data relays, issued $POKT, overall network performance, and performance by chain.Let’s cover these metrics in more detail.

Performance (aka Relays): What Makes Pocket Shine

Under the Performance tab, you can check the most crucial metric about Pocket: the number of data relays serviced. You can learn how many relays were serviced in the last 24 hours and compare that figure to the monthly average and the maximum daily value.Relays also result in $POKT rewards being issued to nodes who complete the service. Under the same Performance tab, you can check how much $POKT was issued across different time periods (e.g., 24 hours, monthly).The graph at the bottom of the Dashboard allows you to visually analyze Pocket’s relay growth, the amount of issued $POKT, the blocks produced, and more. You can also filter your analysis by dates, other timeframes (e.g., monthly, daily, hourly), and even split out the relay statistics by individual chains.On the Chains Performance tab, you can quickly see how many relays have been serviced across the 50+ blockchains that Pocket supports, as well as the percentage change in relays in the last 24 hours.

Monitoring Node Infrastructure Statistics

Under the Network Performance tab, you’ll also find valuable information about the state of the network of nodes on Pocket’s protocol. You can easily find out how many nodes were active in the last 24 hours, the number of applications using Pocket, the number of new nodes coming in, and the total $POKT issued and rewarded to these nodes.At the bottom of the Dashboard page, you can check the geographic spread of nodes in the network with a world map, and confirm Pocket’s decentralized nature. On the right side, you can also learn about the size of different node providers, and their percentage share of total nodes in the network.

Since its inception, Pocket’s goal has been to design an attractive, welcoming, and scalable node infrastructure. One key factor in the network is the ability of every node runner to have the chance to run a profitable operation, regardless of its size, while ensuring maximum decentralization in the network. Stay tuned for more on the Pocket v1 upgrade, which will bring significant improvements to the scale of the network while maintaining equitable tokenomics for node runners large and small.

See Exactly Where $POKT Rewards are Going

When you open the Explore page, the pre-selected tab will lead you to the rewards area.On the graph shown in that section, you can pinpoint the amount of $POKT issued daily, serviced relays, average nodes in the network, and the average $POKT each node is earning daily.You can also filter all rewards by chain, node provider, different timeframes, and dates.The rewards tab is a powerful tool for segmenting your analysis, learning the dominance of particular agents, or checking the evolution of the popularity of different chains.Under the Explore page, you can also discover much more about the network, including:

  • Information on every transaction
  • Details about specific nodes
  • Account details by address and public key
  • Detailed block production statistics
  • Application details, such as their addresses and relevant chains

Node Runner Monitoring

You can further your analysis by going to the Node Runner page, where you can load a domain or address and get key pieces of information, including performance and rewards details.POKTscan enables the availability of concrete data points for the production of opinion pieces, news, hobbyist research, node monitoring, and much more. The possibilities for statistical analysis are wide open based on the variety of transparent metrics available through POKTscan.Pocket encourages the community to explore different parts of POKTscan, follow the development and performance of the network, and contribute to our ecosystem with any ideas and content that may be sparked from digging around.

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