Pocket Sponsors ETHOnline Providing FREE Decentralized Access to the Full Spectrum of Blockchain Data for Ethereum and xDAI

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Nov 21, 2023
Pocket Sponsors ETHOnline Providing FREE Decentralized Access to the Full Spectrum of Blockchain Data for Ethereum and xDAI

We are more than happy to announce that Pocket Network has partnered with ETHGlobal and sponsored ETHOnline 🌐As luck would have it, Pocket Network happened to be the only Blockchain network provider to take the opportunity to sponsor the ETHOnline hackathon. So by chance, we essentially became the unofficial default network provider of the hackathon. Pocket is providing teams FREE decentralized access to the full spectrum of Blokchchain data for Ethereum (mainnet/testnets) and xDAI!Developers and builders alike will be able to leverage Pocket Network to access these networks for their apps in a completely censorship-resistant manner:

  • Ethereum Mainnet (Full-Node)
  • Ethereum Mainnet (Archive Node)
  • Ethereum Testnet Ropsten
  • Ethereum Testnet Kovan
  • Ethereum Testnet Rinkeby
  • Ethereum Testnet Görli
  • xDAI

Even though there’s been a trend to test in production, we totally understand that hackers might want to play around in a testnet environment of Ethereum or a more cost-effective EVM-compatible blockchain like xDAI. After recognizing this need, ETHOnline acted as a forcing function to spin up support for the Ethereum testnets, Ethereum Mainnet archival access, and xDAI. Please, enjoy free infrastructure during the duration of the ETHOnline hackathon, and after it, too!How would a project team claim an endpoint URL?Pocket Network launched its dashboard and gateway in “stealth mode” today!We are limiting access to it to hackathon participants only, at least until the end of ETHOnline.If you signed up for ETHOnline, we’ll share and pin the link to the Pocket Dashboard in our public channel #sponsor-pocket-network inside the ETHGlobal discord server. By using the dashboard, teams will be able to register their application and claim an endpoint URL with a cap of 1,000,000 requests per day for their desired blockchain network, or every blockchain available.You never know, you might want to switch chains in the future if you find that transactions fees are too high on one chain and/or want to try building a multi-chain application. It’s better to be safe, than sorry, right!?How do we integrate Pocket Network?Our Application Solutions Lead Alex Firmani hosted a developer workshop for ETHOnline today that covers everything you need to know about integrating Pocket into your application whether you decide to use a familiar RPC endpoint URL or choose to instead natively integrate the Pocket Web3 Provider/Pocket-JS SDK.Is your app really DeFi? Free decentralized blockchain data from Pocket are the prereqs to get up to speed for the workshop:

What are the prizes?We maxed out our $5k prize pool!Pocket will award multiple winners within our two different prize path:A total of 3.5k DAI to the best, most creative apps that natively integrate the Pocket Web3 Provider or Pocket-JS.

  • 2000 DAI for 1st place
  • 1000 DAI for 2nd place
  • 500 DAI for 3rd place

A total of 1.5k DAI for the best, most creative applications that use a Pocket Gateway RPC endpoint URL.

  • 500 DAI for 1st place
  • 400 DAI for 2nd place
  • 300 DAI for 3rd place
  • 200 DAI for 4th place
  • 100 DAI for 5th place

Since every app in the ETHOnline hackathon needs access to blockchain data, this will be the easiest prize to claim. Simply swap out your legacy endpoint URL from a centralized provider with Pocket’s next-gen, yet familiar endpoint URL powered by decentralized infrastructure.There’s also a surprise bonus prize:Teams will be able to keep their endpoint URL with a cap of 1,000,000 requests per day for their project after the ETHOnline hackathon so it can be continued to be used in order to scale and grow!What are some project ideas that Pocket is uniquely positioned for?With Pocket-JS, Pocket Network is uniquely positioned to build applications such as but not limited to:

For more radical ideas, spark a conversation with us on our ETHOnline sponsor channel #sponsor-pocket-network.Sometimes I share my late night, taco-fueled thoughts on Twitter, so keep an eye out for a couple of juicy ideas.We are excited to see what you build!

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