The Pocket Portal: A One-Stop Shop for Multichain Service

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Nov 19, 2023
The Pocket Portal: A One-Stop Shop for Multichain Service

On the heels of our major update to the Pocket Portal, we’ve been sharing some of the key features that we’re bringing to the table, including a new Pay As You Go plan, other flexible service options for developers, POKT rewards that help eliminate sunk costs, and low latency across any chain and region.In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how the Pocket Portal enables easy infrastructure solutions across multiple chains.One of the key features of the Pocket Portal, which acts as the gateway to our decentralized network of nodes, is the ability for developers to easily tap into Pocket’s infrastructure service across any number of chains that they are building on.By acting as a one-stop shop in this way, the Portal helps developers put infrastructure on “easy mode,” and takes away the pain points of hunting down different RPC solutions for different chains.

RPC Solutions Across Dozens of Chains

In line with our vision and belief in a truly multichain future, it’s key for our service to support a variety of different types of blockchains across several “verticals.” Some developers have needs to build on Layer 1 solutions; others have specific use cases that are better suited for Layer 2/side chains or subnets. Regardless of these needs or preferences, Pocket brings a streamlined service that eliminates the need to piecemeal infrastructure solutions from several different providers. Plus, we’re always keeping our eyes on what’s next in this space, and moving quickly to support entirely new blockchain innovations (think supernets, ZK-rollups, optimistic rollups, and more).Robust testnet and archival support is also important in order to empower developers to have optimized infrastructure all the way from the testing phase through to launching and scaling dApps, and to tap into historical data whenever and wherever it is needed.Below are some of the chains that we already support across these blockchain verticals, with more integrations constantly coming through the pipeline.

  • Layer 1. Algorand, Avalanche, Ethereum, Fantom, Harmony Shard 0, IoTeX, Klaytn, NEAR, Solana
  • Layer 2 and Sidechains. Boba, BSC, Dogechain, FUSE, Gnosis Chain, Meter, Metis, OKExChain, Polygon
  • Subnets. DFKchain Subnet, Swimmer
  • Parachains. Moonbeam, Moonriver
  • Cosmos Chains. Osmosis, Evmos
  • ZK-Rollups and Optimistic Rollups. Optimism, StarkNet Mainnet
  • Testnets. Ethereum Goerli, Ethereum Kovan, Ethereum Rinkeby, Ethereum Ropsten, Polygon Mumbai, StarkNet Testnet
  • Archivals. Binance Smart Chain Archival, Ethereum Archival, Ethereum Archival Trace, FUSE Archival, Gnosis Chain Archival, Polygon Archival

You can see the full list of supported blockchains via our Docs.

Multichain Service Illustrated

As our network has scaled since Mainnet launch, and now regularly services more than 1 billion relays per day, we’ve seen this multichain focus play out before our eyes, as evidenced by the increased diversification of relays serviced by our nodes.For example, take a look at the breakdown of relays that were serviced in Q3, as compared to Q2.

It’s been great to see developers taking advantage of our decentralized service across a variety of chains like this. As we continue to support more and more of the players in a multichain future, we’re excited to support game-changing dApps across all different kinds of chains, and watch this picture of diversification continue to evolve.

Unlimited Endpoints in the Portal

Once signed up in the Pocket Portal, developers can create up to 2 applications within their account, and mint unlimited RPC endpoints across multiple chains to service those applications. Building the next killer dApp across 5 different chains? We’ve got you covered.You can get signed up with a few clicks in the Pocket Portal today, and start testing things out with our Always Free tier of 250,000 relays per day. For scaling beyond that, our Pay As You Go plan is tailored to your dApp’s exact needs.For our MetaMask users out there, we’ve also got a handy guide on how to customize your wallet to use a Pocket endpoint and decentralize your Web3 access. Additionally, Deep Narrative Lab has a fantastic tool to easily connect wallets to Pocket endpoints across multiple chains - check RPCList out if you haven’t already!

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