Pocket Partners With IoTeX To Power The Internet of Trusted Things

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Nov 20, 2023
Pocket Partners With IoTeX To Power The Internet of Trusted Things

Pocket Network now provides decentralized RPC infrastructure for IoTeX, whose positioning for the future of the Internet of Trusted Things.

Pocket is excited to announce a new partnership with IoTeX to decentralize the future of the Internet of Things. IoTeX continues to revolutionize the industry as one of the most unique blockchains that are connecting real world devices/data to Dapps, and Pocket brings full node incentives and decentralized infrastructure to their ecosystem. Pocket’s contribution enables the mission of democratizing access to the future machine economy for everyone.

The Internet of Trusted Things

IoTeX was founded in 2017 to make its vision of the Internet of Trusted Things, a decentralized ecosystem where machines and humans can interact with guaranteed security and trust. IoTeX is now pioneering a new category of decentralized use cases where everyday people can earn digital assets based on their real world actions. With IoTeX, we will soon be able to connect asset trackers like Pebble Tracker, smart home devices like Ucam, and other devices like health wearables, connected vehicles, and energy meters to the blockchain.

Since 2017, IoTeX as an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain has grown to an ecosystem of 100,000 people across 100+ countries, and over 60 delegates (including the likes of Blockfolio, CoinGecko, and DraperDragon).

IoTeX has been growing at a rapid pace since inception - an error free blockchain since 2019, and support for countless products like Ucam, Pebble Tracker, and countless DApps.

IoTeX is a perfect fit for Pocket Network as their device driven protocol integrates seamlessly with our global network of full nodes. Given their architecture, IoTeX’s need for privacy and decentralization is paramount and our Network both fulfill those needs while abstracting meaningful complexity away from their IoT apps/devices. - Adam Liposky, Ecosystem Operations Lead at Pocket
As a Layer 1 blockchain that is tailor-fit for IoT, IoTeX is always searching for new partners to make our Dapps, devices, and services more stable and robust. We are excited to partner with Pocket Network to further decentralize the IoTeX Network and bring ultra-reliable RPC infrastructure to our ecosystem. - Larry Pang, Head of Ecossytem at IoTeX

For The Future IoT Economy

An economy that’s decentralized and autonomous needs an infrastructure that can keep up with it. By 2025, there will be 50 billion IoT devices that generate trillions of gigabytes of data for use in a wide-ranging set of applications. The need for reliable RPC infrastructure and node operators is paramount to bringing the trillion-dollar IoT industry to the Web3 decentralized universe.

Whether you’re an IoTeX user, developer, or service provider, let Pocket’s network of over 6000+ nodes make your experience more reliable, private, and decentralized.

To get started with Pocket on IoTeX for your needs, mint an IoTeX RPC Endpoint here:

Try the sponsored community endpoint before minting your own:

About Pocket

Pocket Network is a two-way marketplace that matches blockchain application developers seeking unstoppable node infrastructure with RPC infrastructure providers and node runners who are incentivized via the POKT token to run full nodes through it’s decentralized protocol.

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About IoTeX

Founded in 2017, IoTeX is building the world’s leading blockchain platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). Their mission is to empower a new era of collaboration and value exchange among people, devices, and applications. Backed by a global team of 30+ research scientists and top engineers, IoTeX combines blockchain, secure hardware, and decentralized identity to empower everyday people and businesses to participate in the decentralized machine economy.
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