Whatever Layer You’re On, Make Sure It’s Decentralized: Pocket Network Supports Polygon

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Nov 21, 2023
Whatever Layer You’re On, Make Sure It’s Decentralized: Pocket Network Supports Polygon

As a developer-driven protocol, we strive to offer our unstoppable infrastructure wherever developers are. Whether that’s Ethereum, other EVM compatible chains, and now a full-stack scaling solution like Polygon, we’re right here. After multiple rounds of Alpha and Beta testing within our network, today we are proud to announce that we have extended support for one of the hottest scaling solutions, Polygon. This means that users can rest assured that not only are there transactions blazing fast, they are secured by a network of over 5000 node runners and counting.

Why Polygon?

Formally known as MATIC, Polygon has grown to be one of the most popular answers to a question being asked more and more often: how can I interact with Ethereum-based protocols when gas is $100+ (sometimes as high as $500!) and traffic congesting the network slows confirmation times to a near halt? Well, thanks to the years of hard work put in by this team for just this time, the answer is Polygon.Polygon is now the de facto for scaling Ethereum DApps boasting an ecosystem that includes some of DeFi’s blue chips like Sushiswap & Aave as early adopters along with the meteoric rise of new stars like Dinoswap and Quickswap making their presence known. Quickswap alone has 140k MAU and is doing 70B in volume in the last 30 days.Also in a tid bit of history, this collaboration has actually been a long time coming as the Polygon team was one of the first prominent projects to really grasp the vision of Pocket Network long before we even had a live network and a gigantic node armada.It took longer than expected, but we are happy to say that we have fulfilled our promise.

Going wherever the Multi-chain takes us

Since the very beginning, Pocket was designed to serve decentralized infrastructure to any blockchain network. Various chains will be used for different purposes and situations, but the need for an infrastructure provider that obfuscates API requests and maximizes user privacy will always remain.Pocket is positioned to support any and every Ethereum scaling solution that this vibrant community continues to push out.With the recent release of this Polygon integration, we have added yet another staple to our roster of “eth community is going to want this” networks which already includes all of the prominent testnets, archival with tracing and more.

Use Polygon Now!

We know that the Pocket  community cares about the sustainable decentralization of public blockchain networks and we are driven to do our part at the full node layer. Pocket Network was designed to solve full node centralization by leveraging the very innovation that opened the space up, crypto-economics.No middle man. The way it's supposed to be done in Web3.Get started today with Polygon on Pocket with our UI/UX friendly Portal . You’ll get access to the network endpoint with  1M requests per day at no cost.Mint a Polygon RPC endpoint from the Pocket Portal

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