Pocket Officially Partners with DeFi Kingdoms on DFK Chain Subnet Support for Crystalvale

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Nov 20, 2023
Pocket Officially Partners with DeFi Kingdoms on DFK Chain Subnet Support for Crystalvale

DeFi Kingdoms is bringing its play-to-earn MMORPG game to their own Avalanche subnet DFK Chain while simultaneously launching a new realm called Crystalvale to the game. The launch is accompanied by a new token CRYSTAL to complement the JEWEL ecosystem on Harmony! Pocket is super happy to continue supporting DFK players during their cross-chain expeditions, especially since Avalanche is already a Pocket-supported ecosystem. If you are familiar with DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale on Harmony, you may already know that Pocket is highly recommended by players as a trusted and resilient RPC option. So much so that DeFi Kingdoms has officially announced they are partnering with both Ava Labs and Pocket Network to provide a set of subnet RPC nodes at launch. With the launch of Crystalvale, Pocket will be bringing the same Quality of Service to Avalanche and DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain subnet, complementing their near-instant finality, for a snappy user experience! GameFi x NodeFiDeFi Kingdoms’ P2E MMORPG is built upon a solid DeFi foundation. Their approach to gamification packages the decentralized finance experience for new users in a super accessible way. Owing to its features, DeFi Kingdoms has established itself as the essential dapp for the rising Harmony ecosystem, with a TVL of some USD 1.2bn, attracting more than 22,000 daily unique active wallets (UAWs) in January, and retaining its player base at the level from December 2021, according to DappRadar. At the same time, DeFi Kingdoms generated about USD 1.84bn in transactions last month, three times more than Axie Infinity which was ranked second, with a USD 540m stake representing 11.1% of the total. This allowed DeFi Kingdoms to capture some 38.2% of the January volume transacted by blockchain games which stood at a total of USD 4.82bn that month, as indicated by DappRadar. This clearly illustrates why DFK players generate most of the Harmony traffic routed through Pocket Network. By expanding to Avalanche, DeFi Kingdoms becomes exposed to a new user base! It would be a safe bet to expect a similar growth trajectory on the Avalanche subnet DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain. To support this influx of new (and existing) users, the Pocket team prepared in advance by spinning up support for the subnet and minting a DFK chain RPC endpoint that will be servicing the community on day one. Simply by playing DFK Crystalvale (with a Pocket-powered RPC endpoint), citizens will be driving Avalanche subnet DFK Chain traffic through the Pocket Network for DFK Chain | POKT node runners to serve. These DeFi Kingdoms Chain | Pocket Network node runners earn $POKT in proportion to those requests. If most of the allocated bandwidth is consumed and served, then it has the possibility of minting upwards of an estimated 250k POKT per day.POKT as a full-node incentive creates value for Avalanche and Avalanche Subnet node runners to earn where none has previously existed. So what happens when P2E games, DeFi farms, and Full-Node incentives intersect? We get GameFi x NodeFi!The role of gamer and node runner are not mutually exclusive. One can imagine DFK Crystalvale citizens farming and earning CRYSTAL in-game while generating passive income streams of POKT and JEWEL from running both AVAX subnet full-nodes and validators then serving Avalanche application requests, including the ones made by your fellow citizens. This is only possible in web3.Are you up for this quest?👈 SOB I’m In 👉

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