Pocket Network Participates In DeversiFi's Defi Legends LoL Tournament - Signup For Tryouts Below!

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Nov 20, 2023
Pocket Network Participates In DeversiFi's Defi Legends LoL Tournament - Signup For Tryouts Below!

In the first-ever Defi Legends, Pocket Network will be going head to head against several other Defi protocols in weekly matches through March and April. Teams consist of one team member and 4 community members (that's where YOU come in) with 5 substitutes available.

If you're already hungry for some action, signup with the form below and select "Pocket Network"  👇

The full roster of projects is:

  • Ampleforth
  • Sushi
  • Polygon
  • Deversifi
  • Entropify
  • Footium
  • Cryptonovae
  • Yours Truly, Pocket Network


Defi Legends kicks off on March 2nd and will go on for 8 weeks. The first 6 weeks will be group stages, with everyone being split into two groups, A + B.

Group A consists of:

  1. DeversiFi
  2. Sushiswap
  3. Footium
  4. Cryptonovae

Group B consists of:

  1. Polygon
  2. Ampleforth
  3. EntropyFi
  4. Pocket Network

Everyone will go against everyone else in their group twice. Winners are given 2 points, losers 1, and no shows 0. The top 2 teams in each group by points will go to the semifinals to play a best of 3 series.

Winners of the series will go on to the finals, while losers will play for 3rd place. Another best of 3 series will decide the final ranking.



Group stages

Week 1

DeversiFi v Sushiswap

Footium v Cryptonovae

Polygon v Ampleforth

EntropyFi v PocketNetwork

Week 2

DeversiFi v Footium

Sushiswap V Cryptonovae

Polygon v EntropyFi

Ampleforth v PocketNetwork

Week 3

DeversiFi v Cryptonovae

Polygon v PocketNetwork

Sushiswap v Footium

Ampleforth v EntropyFi

Week 4

Sushiswap v DeversiFi 

Cryptonovae v Footium 

Ampleforth v Polygon 

PocketNetwork v EntropyFi

Week 5

Footium v DeversiFi

Cryptonovae V Sushiswap

EntropyFi v Polygon

PocketNetwork v Ampleforth

Week 6

Cryptonovae v DeversiFi

PocketNetwork v Polygon

Footium v Sushiswap

EntropyFi v Ampleforth


Week 7

Semi Finals - Best of 3

Semi Finals - Best of 3


Week 8

Loser Bracket


Prize Pool 💰

For winners, there is a total prize pool of $40,000 consisting of $5000 of each project contributing (so $5000 POKT, $5000 MATIC, $5000 AMPL, etc.)

First place receives 30%, second place is awarded 15%, and third place getting 5%. The remaining 50% will be distributed in raffles to the community members that participate (spectating, voting, events, etc.)  during the event.

All prizes will be distributed within 10 days of event conclusion with Deversifi Layer 2 to the ETH address participants used at signup.

We Need YOU

While the tournament is open to anyone, there is a latency advantage for those close to EU West servers. Applications are welcome, using the form below and choosing "Pocket Network" as the team you want to sign up for. Once applications are all collected, Pocket Network will reach out with next steps regarding scrims, communications, and everything else.

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