Pocket Network officially integrates Solana! Securing its RPC node layer through decentralization ☀️

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Nov 21, 2023
Pocket Network officially integrates Solana! Securing its RPC node layer through decentralization ☀️

With the Solana network growing at breakneck speed, Pocket Network now provides fully decentralized and rock-solid Solana node infrastructure this #solanaszn! Out of Pocket Network’s globally-distributed network of nearly 7000 nodes, over 3000 node runners have already been serving Solana RPC requests since the beta testing began in early September. As Pocket Network scales up service and brings new offerings to the Solana community, Solana users and dApps are invited to immediately tap into this network of nodes, and mint an RPC endpoint, greatly improving security all the while contributing to the progressive decentralization of Solana as a whole.The full-node rewards (POKT) that power the pocket protocol will provide a continuous incentive for node runners to spin up and optimize any additional Solana nodes needed, ensuring that Pocket Network’s support for Solana only grows more redundant and reliable as crypto scales into the mainstream.

Bolstering Solana’s Infrastructure

Calling Solona’s growth this year stellar is an understatement. Both native and established projects have sprung up and solidified on the network, making Solana now home to more than 400 DeFi projects alone.A combination of low fees, one of the highest transaction per second capacities of all L1’s, and fast transaction finality times have made it a popular choice amongst DeFi users, as well as, a safe haven for those on a crazy NFT minting spree.During rates of exponential growth, any network can find itself bogged down if left unchecked. With Pocket Network's unstoppable RPC protocol and ever-growing conglomerate of node runners, this class of growing pains will be a thing of the past.Pocket Network is bringing a network of over 3000 nodes and counting to Solana, ensuring that the blockchain remains operational and continues to provide a quality service while maintaining user privacy.

For Whatever Your SOL Desires

Pocket Network’s only goal is to make your experience better in the Solana universe!Whether that’s going somewhere sunny in search of some yield, or enjoying some fresh mangoes, Pocket aims to make it more decentralized, consistent, and private.To get started with Pocket on Solana for your blockchain app, mint a Solana RPC Endpoint here.It only takes a few clicks, see for yourself:

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