See You in Bogota!

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Nov 20, 2023
See You in Bogota!

Hello Pocket family! We’re excited to share that we’ll be attending ETHBogota later this year, from October 7th through October 9th. Right after that, we'll also be hosting our second edition of Infracon! We hope to see lots of you out there!

Infracon: Bogota Edition

After the success of our inaugural Infracon event in Punta Cana, we're back in action with the second edition in Bogota!Infracon Bogota will be the #1 event for all things Web3 infrastructure, and a showcase for the entire stack of middleware protocols. This one-day event is the place for Web3 developers, contributors, and community members to collaborate and build together, while learning about the latest developments and trends in the middleware protocols that enable them.Sandwiched in between ETH Bogota and Devcon Bogota, Infracon will be the perfect chance to meet hundreds of like-minded builders, make new connections, and stay on top of the infrastructure trends that will help you build better. Infracon will spotlight the benefits of using the Web3 middleware stack, connect protocol teams with the builders that are working on them, and enable middleware protocols to collaborate and solve shared challenges in the space.So far, we've lined up speakers from a broad range of projects, including Flashbots, Livepeer, Bundlr Network, Gensyn, Streamr Network, and more.Registration is open now, so make sure to scoop up your tickets ASAP!

What’s Happening at ETHBogota and Devcon Week?

Throughout ETHBogota, we will have a table set up, and will be popping in and out of sessions and events as we connect with developers and the larger Ethereum community.We’ll also have prize money to award to the top-tier builders in Bogota.  The prizes will be in two categories:Improving the Ethereum RPC Layer: This prize is to be distributed to the top 3 projects that make improvements that involve changes to how applications interact with Ethereum RPC. These improvements can focus on, but aren't limited to, application performance, security, developer experience, and user experience.Just Build: A prize pool that is split evenly between teams whose applications use Pocket Network as an RPC provider.Additionally, we'll be hosting a talk on "Using Pocket Network to build Ethereum Applications." This talk will cover:

  • Getting access to Ethereum blockchain data by minting your first RPC URL with the Pocket Portal.
  • Using that URL to connect a frontend to Ethereum smart contracts.
  • Using that URL to connect scripts to Ethereum smart contracts.
  • Using that URL directly in smart contract development environments to interact with Ethereum testnets and mainnet.

This talk will be live streamed - more details about accessing the stream will be coming soon!Check out the Pocket Portal ahead of time, and make sure to stop by and say hello in Colombia!Note: We’ll be updating this post with more details as we get closer to the event.ETHBogota will be taking place in tandem with Devcon Week, which runs from October 7th through October 16th and will bring together more than 10,000 attendees. Throughout Devcon Week, Pocket Network will be connecting with developers and offering up its free tier of relays for devs to build on during various events, helping them to learn more about Pocket’s service and get some hands-on experience using it. This is part of Pocket’s aim to educate and empower the Ethereum community to help build and use decentralized systems.Hackathons and Pocket Network have already been a match made in heaven, including earlier this year at the ETHNewYork Hackathon, where we dished out $10,000 for several projects that utilized Pocket to successfully build and operate their DApps. Hackathons like this are a great chance for developers to experiment with decentralized node infrastructure and see how it benefits their projects, and do so without any financial risk (thanks to the generous free tier).Builders can focus on innovating and building during the event, and let Pocket’s network of 30,000+ nodes support them at any scale and on a plethora of blockchains.Make sure to “apply to hack” today, and stay tuned for updates and more details in the near future - we can’t wait to build with you in Bogota!

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