Powering Privacy & Security with the Status "Super App"

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Nov 19, 2023
Powering Privacy & Security with the Status "Super App"

Pocket Network is providing dApps across all of Web3 with access to reliable, performant, and decentralized RPC infrastructure, providing a solution that aligns with the overarching ethos of increased sovereignty and less reliance on centralized intermediaries.We’re always excited to see applications and projects with similar principles tapping into Pocket’s RPC service, and we’re proud to share that Status is now yet another one of those applications.

A Privacy-Focused “Super App” Powered by Pocket

Status is currently building a suite of Mobile, Desktop and Web super apps that initially aim to deliver a fully decentralized, highly censorship resistant, and privacy preserving group chat experience. Think of the group chat experience provided by products like Discord, MS Teams and Slack, but with extensive blockchain integration and 100% powered by p2p protocols that are not under the control of any central authority.The Status super apps will also feature a true multi-chain wallet, so that users can benefit from the reduced transaction costs of L2 networks, while optionally abstracting the additional complexity of interacting with multiple chains away from the user. The Status Keycard hardware wallet makes secure handling and usage of keys easy.In addition, the Status apps feature end-to-end encrypted 1on1 and ad-hoc group messaging with perfect forward secrecy, a Web3 browser, and Node functionality.  Status Desktop will contain the node functions needed to run the p2p networks that underpin Status, with the goal of ensuring that as long as there is a collection of users running Status Desktop somewhere in the world, these p2p networks will be self-sustaining.Status aims to launch this new suite of apps (replacing the legacy Status Mobile 1.x app) at the end of Q2 2023.

Privacy and Security Powered by Decentralized Infrastructure

Since late October, Status has been working on integrating Pocket Network’s protocol to service the Status Wallet and Web3 Browser, and this will be rolled out to Status’s users in the next Status release.  Status is also in the process of integrating the Nimbus Ethereum execution layer light client in order to validate the correctness of all Ethereum mainnet data received from Pocket in a fully decentralized manner on every Status device.  This combination of the Pocket RPC service and the independent client side validation of this data by the Nimbus light client has helped Status secure all the RPC needs for their ecosystem’s suite of apps, and represented another step towards their vision of better censorship-resistance and more freedom from third-party control - a vision that we share with Status.Status’s mission is to create a virtual space where people can communicate, transact, collaborate, and organize freely (and experiment with new forms of organization and governance) without censorship, persecution, chilling effects, and interference, and whose existence will defend civil liberties, free speech and freedom to innovate.This vision is fully aligned with Pocket’s goal of empowering communities as well.In pursuing this vision, the Status Network is building a new decentralized tech stack, ranging from protocols and infrastructure, to developer tools, to consumer products and applications. On top of this, Pocket’s own Daniel Olshansky is also working with Status to push the boundaries of Ethereum light client research (Status is currently using Nimbus for their light client).As this ecosystem grows, Pocket is excited to support both the Status applications and the variety of projects sprouting up from the Status Network. We will be here with the decentralized infrastructure to support the movement towards better privacy and security across all of Web3!

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