Pocket Network and Fuse: Boosting the Institutional Adoption of Web3

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Nov 19, 2023
Pocket Network and Fuse: Boosting the Institutional Adoption of Web3

Pocket Network has been supporting Fuse for more than a year, and bolstering its node infrastructure. Fuse is building a modern and business-friendly blockchain to increase the adoption of decentralized technologies, a shared goal with Pocket. Discover more about Fuse, how Pocket is helping them grow, and how applications can benefit from the integration.

Fuse: A Business-Friendly Network for the Adoption of Web3

Fuse is an established network in the decentralized world, aimed at building the “infrastructure for open source money.”Fuse is gearing towards the mainstream adoption of payments under Web3-based networks, enabling people and businesses to conduct transactions freely, cheaply, and quickly.The Fuse team prides itself on helping to solve one of the biggest challenges in the Web3 industry: clear adoption by individuals and organizations.Web3 will only take center stage as the de facto underlying technology for most applications if people recognize these applications’ value and adopt their use cases.Fuse is one of the networks focused on facilitating that adoption, showing clear usage growth, and appealing to more people and businesses every day.

From Speed to Economic Freedom: The Four Pillars of Growth

To achieve mainstream adoption, Fuse built its network to make it as straightforward and user-friendly as possible, while still having features that enable full growth and scalability.Beyond improving the user experience, Fuse believes in the Web3 mantras of giving power to people and rewarding them for their participation in protocols and applications.The team chose Proof-of-Stake (PoS) as the consensus mechanism in order to enable true ownership by the community through staking and other methods, effectively opening up another avenue for economic freedom.That choice is based on prioritizing adoption and aligning with decentralized values, and the end result of that decision and other options (e.g., mobile-first) is offering full scale to users, similar to any centralized network, while bringing more benefits to the table.

Hundreds of Millions of Transactions and a Vibrant Ecosystem

Fuse’s growth has led the network to register 110 million transactions, more than 1.26 million wallets, and more than 94 million staked Fuse tokens.Many leading protocols already incorporate Fuse in their applications, including Chainlink, PancakeSwap, MetaMask, SushiSwap, UniSwap, Boson Protocol, LI.FI, and more.Fuse features dozens of applications in several quadrants of the decentralized revolution, from DeFi protocols (e.g., lending solutions, oracles, DEXes) to projects fulfilling the potential of Web3 in other sectors.

Fuse is a Close Partner of Pocket Network

In July 2021, Pocket integrated with Fuse as one of the first ten blockchains under our ecosystem.Fuse has been a big part of our growth since then, while the community has been embracing the integration and establishing Fuse as one of the networks with the most relay requests daily (Fuse is typically in the Top 10 chains in terms of daily relays).In 2022, given the similarities between our goals, Pocket strengthened its partnership with Fuse to become its main node infrastructure provider.Since then, Pocket has been supporting at least 20% of the official RPC traffic from Fuse, with cost-effectiveness, higher reliability and maximum uptime, and decentralization of node service.Recently, Fuse applications on Pocket saw a weekly surge of 50% in the number of RPC requests, with total data relays going over 25 million in some days.

From Networks to Applications, Pocket is at the Center

Pocket is supporting more networks in its ecosystem as we grow, while improving the quality of service and the protocol under v0 iterations and future v1 updates.Application developers wanting to build on Fuse can use Pocket endpoints with ease, and tap in to cost-efficient multi-chain infrastructure, more reliability, and higher security.With Pocket’s free tier, applications can enjoy up to 250,000 daily RPC calls, while the new “Pay As You Go” (PAYG) pricing model enables applications to go for extra RPC requests at an attractive cost as they grow.You can mint an endpoint, link your application, and start accessing Fuse data in the newly improved Pocket Portal.For more information, check this video with all the steps.

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