Pocket Mainnet Rollout — What to Expect

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Nov 21, 2023
Pocket Mainnet Rollout — What to Expect

After years of research, development, and iteration upon iteration, Pocket Network Mainnet will go live tomorrow at 11 AM EDT.We could not be more excited to release this to the public and for live feedback by all of our early supporters and newcomers alike.Because this will be a mainnet implementation, with real POKT on the line and in the spirit of progressive decentralization we’re rolling out the “ecosystem components” in a phased approach to ensure the most successful launch possible.Below the key milestones are described with some “tentative” dates for each phase of the rollout.Use this to better understand what to expect at each phase of the rollout, and if you have any additional questions feel free to hop in the Discord to discuss with the community.

July 28th — Mainnet goes live. DAO Seeded. Onboarding Bootstrap Nodes.

At the launch of Mainnet, we will be working closely with professional node service partners to help ensure a quality standard of nodes in the network before onboarding applications. The node bootstrap partners participating are Rivet, Chainflow, Stakin, Everstake, Simply VC, and Tuku Dev.During this phase, POKT will not be released to the rest of the genesis file participants until each of the bootstrap partners are fully operational. No key applications will be online during this phase so there is minimal risk of losing out on any potential rewards. We expect this process to take the week (until Friday) and will inform every stakeholder via email and Discord of the progress.At the point in which all of the bootstrap partners are operational, consensus is confirmed, block times are stable, and overall good network health, then PNI will do 2 things:

  1. Release POKT to all of the early participants in genesis to unjail and participate.
  2. Launch the Pocket Explorer and Wallet applications on Mainnet.

If you are an early participant and would prefer not to use the Pocket CLI for managing your account, feel free to hold off a little bit longer for the Pocket Dashboard that will make this process smoother.From that point (tentatively August 3rd) Pocket Network will focus on the support and onboarding of any nodes in the network that are not using a staking-as-a-service provider.In parallel, the Directors of the Pocket Network Foundation (PNF) will be onboarding the first voting set of the Pocket DAO and working to ratify the DAO constitution. For more information on the DAO rollout, you can read it in depth here.

August 3rd — “Growing the Seed” DAO Phase

At this phase in the Pocket DAO, the voting set will start to be expanded by a champion system. Meaning that trusted voters (champions) will vouch for other potential participants to become voters. This phase is still fairly limited as a part of our “progressive decentralization” plan to ensure the most successful network DAO possible.

Coming soon — The Pocket Dashboard & Gateway go live.

With the network seeded, Pocket Network, Inc. (PNI) will release the Pocket Dashboard and Gateway soon.The Pocket Dashboard can be used as an interface for nodes and applications to manage their accounts staking and unstaking. It is important to note that the Dashboard only has POKT management and acquisition capabilities at this time. It does not have the functionality for spinning up a Pocket Node without the use of a CLI.If you did not receive a genesis allocation, you’ll be able to purchase POKT to participate as a node or app from the dashboard at this time.

The Pocket Gateway is an avenue for any application developer to use Pocket in a similar experience to traditional service providers. Simply purchase POKT and stake via the Dashboard, then connect to an endpoint via the Gateway to get started. It’s that easy to get up and running on a truly decentralized infrastructure network.

Onboarding of applications will be a continual process in Pocket Network’s growth but this phase is when applications will be coming online and submitting relays.For those that do not wish to use the Gateway to deploy your application on Pocket Network, you have the freedom to connect directly to Ethereum via the Pocket Network protocol by using the other tools available such as the Web3 Provider and JS SDK that can make this job easier.See our documentation for reference.

October 1st (Tentative) — “Growing the DAO Voter Set” & “Gamified Access”

At this point, the doors will open up for different ways to get deeply involved in the direction of Pocket Network.The DAO voter set will no longer have a cap, and anyone can participate in governance so long as the requirements set out in the Pocket DAO constitution are met.At this milestone, Pocket will also be releasing a gamified community experience where individuals can earn points, prizes, roles, and more by participating in the ecosystem in meaningful ways.More information on the gamification will be made available as we approach this date.

Looking Forward

The preceding timeline reflects the immediate priorities of mainnet launch, ecosystem development, onboarding of applications and nodes, then the rollout of the DAO. Our focus over the next quarter will be to pragmatically grow the adoption of Pocket Network while working toward ultimate decentralization and censorship resistance for all of its users. We hope that you will join us in taking on this great challenge of building the most decentralized and valuable infrastructure protocol in existence.For detailed information on the POKT distribution, see this FAQ.

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