Pocket at ETHDenver 2022: Discover the Bounty Winners!

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Nov 20, 2023
Pocket at ETHDenver 2022: Discover the Bounty Winners!

Pocket Network sponsored one of the biggest events of the year, ETHDenver 2022, and distributed 2.5K DAI in prizes for new projects incorporating our solution, with another 2.5k coming. Discover more about the projects shaping the ETH world.

Pocket Network was thrilled to sponsor this year’s edition of ETHDenver, a premier event for the Ethereum community working on boosting its adoption, scalability, and efficiency.

Pocket provided free-tier integration for applications to experiment with our service while guaranteeing comprehensive multi-chain support.

Pocket supported the development of the ecosystem by distributing several prizes (5K DAI in total) for the best projects integrating with Pocket. ETHDenver had the most noteworthy companies in the blockchain industry sponsoring multiple hackathon bounties and distributing thousands in prizes to jumpstart the community.

Pocket is the best solution for Ethereum application developers out there

Pocket solves the Web 3 conundrum by establishing incentives between all blockchain actors - application developers and full-node runners - and providing access to blockchain data with a decentralized structure of nodes.

If you’re an application developer, Pocket replaces the need for you to run a node by joining our network of 30K+ decentralized ones in a cost-efficient, scalable, and secure way. At the center of the incentive model sits $POKT - our native token - rewarding node runners and acting as the monetary vehicle for developers to stake for blockchain network access.

Start accessing data from 20† networks by signing up on the Pocket Portal. To learn more about Pocket’s growth and how it can help you, check our talk at ETHDenver:

Supporting the progress of Web 3: Discover the bounty winners of ETHDenver 2022

For the hackathon finale, 30 new projects presented their solutions, with the winners solving many challenges, from privacy to DAO infrastructure.

Pocket had several prizes for in-person contestants. The winners had the most creative approaches in incorporating a Pocket RPC endpoint (for any of the supported blockchains). Here are the total bounty prizes distributed:

In-person prizes

1st place - 1250 DAI

2nd place - 750 DAI

3rd place - 500 DAI

Discover the winners, shaping the Web 3 world!

We were impressed with the approaches of new projects to solve key challenges in the blockchain industry, from improving the NFT experience to cutting edge crypto analytics. Here are the winners of Pocket’s bounty prizes:

1st place: DustSweeper

DustSweeper is a new tool to help you collect all the small amounts of tokens you may have spread across multiple wallets. A majority of crypto users have small amounts of several digital assets that they cannot collect and sell on major exchanges, leaving money on the table.

With DustSweeper, you can easily gather all the small amounts you have and convert them to Ethereum at a very low cost.

This innovative project is tackling crypto’s commonality issue by enabling users to collect tokens across chains and platforms while increasing their crypto portfolio. The DustSweeper team successfully raised ~150 ETH in their crowdfund campaign on Mirror.XYZ, shooting past their 50 ETH goal!

DustSweeper took 1st place in the Pocket Network bounty, taking home 1250 DAI. Learn more about DustSweeper here.

2nd place: Candid NFT

Sick of unfair advantages in the NFT game? Some groups have those advantages (e.g., insider info) on many NFT drops, and even bots can ruin the NFT buying experience. Candid NFT improves the experience for artists and buyers.

Candid NFT enables artists to sell their NFTs directly to collectors based on real-world off-chain identities (e.g., social security number, Coinbase account) while guaranteeing their privacy.

Collectors can expect a fair NFT launch with privacy, while artists can sell their creations without the intervention of fake accounts.

Candid NFT took the 2nd prize of the Pocket Network bounty, taking home 750 DAI. Learn more about them here.

3rd place: BlockSnap

If you don’t measure it, you can’t track it.

BlockSnap is a new tool for giving you more on-chain data, with use-cases in DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, and more.

BlockSnap enables you to capture a snapshot of on-chain data, which can be used in any Web 3 application. The project defines a snapshot as a “list of wallet addresses that have performed some on-chain action.”

Analysts and developers can easily enter a contract address, capture the data they need, and download it as CSV. It currently works across multiple chains - ETH Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism - promoting the interoperability of the sector, a deer theme for Pocket.

BlockSnap took the 3rd prize home, winning 500 DAI. Learn more about them here.

More projects using Pocket

Other projects at ETHDenver 2022, like Intuition and Stardust, took part in the hackathon and used Pocket in their development.

Intuition is a tool for the next age of decentralized identities based on reputation, economics, and time. With Intuition, participants actually have to get “in the game” and back the claims they make online. At the same time, it rewards those who are the fastest to assure the truth of each claim, all built under Ethereum.

In the age of fake news, Intuition is applying blockchain technology to restore truth while creating an aligned incentive system for all users.

Stardust is solving two of the key problems in the current NFT landscape: analytics and liquidity.

They are building an NFT Analytics Dashboard and a liquidity platform for NFTs. On the analytics side, they are providing new metrics to track NFTs like floor price movement and sentiment trends. On the liquidity side, the system gives ERC-20 tokens for each NFT collection, which can also be traded in liquidity pools.

ETHDenver is not over!

Continue building for the virtual half of the ETHDenver hackathon. There’s an opportunity to win a portion of the 2.5k virtual bounty by using Pocket Network RPC endpoints:

Virtual prizes

1st place - 1250 DAI

2nd place - 750 DAI

3rd place - 500 DAI

Teams have until March 21st 8 AM MST to submit their projects.

Thank you to the community!

Thank you to all the projects interacting with Pocket in the new era of blockchain interoperability. We’re working towards a new version of the Pocket Network with the community to enable even more efficiency and scalability. Check our talk at ETHDenver with all details on this transformational change coming to Pocket.

We encourage every application developer to learn more about our solution and reach out to our community. See you at more events!

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