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Nov 21, 2023
Pocket Core RC-0.3.0

At Pocket, we are pleased to announce the release of our protocol update RC-0.3.0 on May 7th, 2020! Pocket Core RC-0.3.0 is our most stable and reliable release yet. This release marks Pocket as code complete, setting a new standard for infrastructure in the blockchain space and beyond.We will also be rolling out an update to our Javascript library, Pocket-JS, and the associated SDKs and Providers. In addition, we have created a Support Team that consists of individuals from our engineering department to help answer any question or assist with any issue you may have using, setting up, and troubleshooting Pocket between the hours of 9–6 PM EST Monday through Friday on the Pocket Discord server.


This release is loaded with a lot of improvements and enhancements to the existing protocol. It makes it even easier than ever to set up a full Pocket Node and become a validator on the Pocket Network.The full changelog can be found here, but some of the important features and improvements are:

  • Adding a governance module for anything involving the DAO on Pocket Network and gov command in the CLI.
  • Added Start without passphrase on Pocket Core, so no more entering your passphrase every time you start your node.
  • You can generate your own chains.json file in the CLI
  • Added /v1/query/blocktxs and /v1/query/acounttxs endpoints to get the list of transactions in a block or sent/received by an account respectively.
  • Updated RPC call for Querying Validators and Apps
  • Created a config.json file that will allow you to customize your Pocket Node
  • Added /v1/query/state endpoint easy access to state updates
  • Added session and evidence caching for performance improvements
  • Config.json file that will allow you to modify your node by doing things, such as: changing your RPC port, customizing your max evidence and session cache for your node, allowing whether or not your node will relay short relay responses.

Pocket JS:

Our Pocket-JS lib is focused on RC-0.3.0 compatibility along with added functionality to help support developers interact with the native Pocket blockchain by having:

  • Adding queryApps and queryNodes as well as pagination support
  • blocktxs and accounttxs to fetch blockchain and account transactions

Docker and Homebrew deployments:

Docker and Homebrew deployments have gone through an update to ensure every container and installation will be pointing at the correct network for RC-0.3.0.


When Pocket transitions to the RC-0.3.0, it will let the network expand organically as people come online and connect to our network and seeded nodes to begin relaying data and validating blocks.As we continue to increase the stability and reliability of the Pocket protocol, we will be keeping you up to date with the latest information on our Discord, Twitter, and blog.If you are a node operator, developer, or both feel free to contact anyone in the @Pocket Team in the #support channel on Discord and we will make ourselves available to help in any way possible.

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