Pocket Core MVP: For Nodes

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Nov 21, 2023
Pocket Core MVP: For Nodes

Are you interested in putting your computer hardware to use for a productive cause, and being rewarded for it? Whether you’re an experienced crypto-miner, computer hobbyist, general enthusiast, or a hardcore proponent of blockchain networks: Pocket Core MVP is an opportunity to join forces with partners like Quiknode, Nodesmtih, and Protofire in building out a truly decentralized relay network of full blockchain nodes.The Pocket Core “Minimum Viable Pocket” release will demonstrate the network’s ability to coordinate relays with real blockchain data through distributed nodes that service different chains and will be accessible on multiple devices (web, Android, iOS).The data and feedback from this release will be used to finalize the economic layer of the Pocket Network that will launch at Pocket’s Testnet release in Q4 2019 with the goal of providing full node operators a sustainable economic model for growth across all blockchains.During Pocket Core MVP, Node Operators:- Run relay services that enable developers to connect their DApps to Ethereum, AION, or both. through simple plugins.- Are whitelisted through a unique identifier (GID) to sync up with the single trusted Dispatch Node and coordinate as Service Nodes.- Receive PXKT tokens through Airdrop for participation in the Pocket Core MVP implementation.

Dispatch Node

A single Dispatch Node anchors Pocket Core MVP implementation by coordinating API requests to a distributed network of whitelisted Pocket Service Nodes. The trusted nature of the Dispatch Node during the first iteration of the network ensures secure coordination of relays through permission-basis from client-side requests to external blockchain data. This allows the network to operate in a controlled environment as Pocket is built from MVP to production-level test network and transitions to a trustless state upon release in Q4 2019.

Service Nodes

Service Nodes will register for MVP in order to receive requests from the Dispatch Node. Please refer to for the most up to date documentation, and open source code.Pocket Service Nodes can be configured for Ethereum, AION, or both during the MVP phase. Plugin systems can be created and directly linked to the Pocket network for new blockchains based on a voluntary basis to service relays for developer demand. Here’s a glance at how it works for MVP:Ethereum and/or AION Node OperatorsOperating a Service Node for the Pocket Core MVP release will streamline developer access to premier decentralized application platforms and support new monetization models for providing a bridge to these networks that currently doesn’t exist in a decentralized fashion on the market yet.To learn more about the setup process, and how to add more blockchains to your Service Node, click here.Node Operators during the MVP phase are early adopters with these advantages:- Configuration at the onset of the Pocket Network means updates in real time, progressing for the test network launch later in 2019.- Position to decide on monetization paths for node services through expansion to offer brand new blockchains based on developer demand.- Feedback to shape community initiatives and drive individual vision into the collective decision-making process.- Incentives from the get-go and option to scope out future contribution to node services on new external blockchains, and the Pocket blockchain itself.

Long Term Implications

In 2019, there are still simply not enough full nodes out there to support the growth of decentralized application adoption worldwide. At this juncture, connecting to a single service provider means inevitable centralization over time, with the risks of unnecessary censorship and lack of application resilience. The only way this can change, and be sustained in a decentralized manner is through a protocol that aligns client-side requests with a distributed network of nodes, and properly incentivizes those nodes for providing the infrastructure in a secure, and collusion-proof manner: this is the Pocket Network’s vision.With Pocket Core MVP, we break ground and establish blockchain relay services with the goal of securely advancing MVP’s single “trusted” Dispatch service node to a “trustless” public coordination network.

What’s Next?If you are interested in getting your hardware setup and running a node during Pocket Core MVP and would like to look at the open source code first, please head directly to our github wiki. Alongside the release of Pocket Core MVP, we are launching a developer portal complete with tutorials, and walkthrough videos for simple guides.Register for Pocket Core MVP as a “Node Operator” by using this Registration form.After your registration has been finalized you will be eligible to receive a PXKT token airdrop. This token will be used for voting/rewards in community programs related to the continued development of the Pocket Network ecosystem.We look forward to collaborating with you to ensure mainstream DApp adoption.Stay up to date, or join the discussion:For general chat join our Telegram — topics are discussed on the forum — on Twitter — ecosystem updates directly to your inbox, sign up for the Pocket Newsletter.Collaborate with the team and community members in real time on our Discord.Originally published at on April 9, 2019.

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