Pocket Bounty Winners of the ETHOnline Hackathon by ETHGlobal

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Nov 21, 2023
Pocket Bounty Winners of the ETHOnline Hackathon by ETHGlobal

This has been by far the biggest Ethereum hackathon to date!

Which brings us to ETHOnline!

— ETHGlobal (@ETHGlobal) October 30, 2020

The emerging blockchain developer tools available today abstract away lots of the complexities for developing the next generation of decentralized applications. With the composability of Ethereum compounding over time, builders are able to mix and match money legos, infrastructure legos, and community legos into their preferred development stack. This saves teams time (and money) that could be redirected to designing and building an application or service.For example, Pocket Network, an RPC node infrastructure protocol, removes the need to run your own blockchain node infra and makes it easy to access a network of highly-available, globally-distributed nodes to tap into the full spectrum of data for Ethereum (mainnet/testnets) or xDAI.A total of 12 teams used Pocket Network in some capacity for their ETHOnline hackathon project 🤯

9/ @opengsn - Best use of Paymaster: Crescendo // Most meaningful uses: Machu-Picchu, Pay with USDC@opyn_ - Best use of opyn v2:

— ETHGlobal (@ETHGlobal) November 4, 2020


Pocket Network provided awards to multiple winners within each of the two different prize paths.1.5k DAI to the best, most creative apps that use the Pocket Gateway and RPC Endpoint URL:

  • 500 DAI for 1st place
  • 400 DAI for 2nd place
  • 300 DAI for 3rd place
  • 200 DAI for 4th place
  • 100 DAI for 5th place
  • 50 DAI for Honorary Integrators

3.5k DAI to the best, most creative apps that integrates the Pocket Web3 Provider or Pocket-JS:

  • 2000 DAI for 1st place
  • 1000 DAI for 2nd place
  • 500 DAI for 3rd place

We ended up not awarding a project first place for the latter prize path because there wasn’t a live integration, but we still wanted to reward those that at least tried and helped us identify potential issues or incompatible frameworks. Instead, we awarded a second and third place prize, as well as, expanded the Gateway prize path to include additional prizes for all integrators. So every app that used the Gateway and an RPC Endpoint URL gets a prize!

Gateway Prize Winners

🥇 1st Place: TokenLog 🥇Tokenlog is a new governance tool to create token-weighted backlogs via 1-token:1-vote or through quadratic voting. It works with any GitHub repository, while keeping all data on GitHub and pulling from it. All voting is handled without paying gas and submitted through signed messages.This provides open-source projects to continuously gather feedback from their token holders in order to help plan and prioritize their work. It allows token holders to actively signal which times matter to them rather than just vote on proposals.More feedback loops offers new opportunities for projects to iterate and collaborate with their community.TokenLog complements our governance development stack, too!

Super thrilled to have received 4 sponsor prices for my hack @ETHGlobal 🔥

Tokenlog is a new governance tool to create token-weighted backlogs you @compoundfinance @keep_project @POKTnetwork @iearnfinance 🙌🙏— Wesley (@wslyvh) October 30, 2020

Live Demo Code🥈 2nd Place: Unite Community 🥈 Community is a tool to automatically distribute tokens to your community and/or fans.This solves one of the biggest pain points of manually sending tokens one by one. Instead of “pushing” tokens to people, Unite has implemented a “pull” process where users come to claim tokens.Unite supports any ERC20 token. The token issuer simply deposits tokens into their reward pool smart contract. They’ve built campaigns that let issuers reward people with tokens for social media engagement, starting with support for, but not limited to, automatic rewards in exchange for Twitter retweets. More advanced campaigns will become available at a later time.Unite Community used Pocket Network to fetch metadata about the tokens being distributed, including the names and symbols.Unite is a great community lego to add to your coordination stack!

A massive thank you to @ETHGlobal, @biconomy & @POKTnetwork for the ETHOnline hackathon prizes 🙌

We really appreciate the support 🙏This is just the beginning - we will launch on mainnet within the next week and are very excited for the future of 🤝— 🤝 (@unite_cmty) November 3, 2020

Live Demo Code🥉 3rd Place: Podcast Pools 🥉 Pools provide podcasters a gamified avenue to capture value by having their fans lock up stablecoins into a no loss lottery (savings game) in which the prize is an NFT that represents that week’s episode. The NFTs are provably rare version of a podcast episode.Instead of directly donating, listeners are giving the interest they’ve collectively earned by their assets for a chance to win a uniquely tokenized podcast episode. All without loosing their initial deposit, hence “no-loss”.Podcast Pools was built by leveraging PoolTogether v3, the no-loss savings protocol.Podcasts are technically just the first medium of content that could be applied. It’s safe to say that one could tinker with different lending protocols and/or yield sources to maximize interest earning for creators.It would be interesting to see an NFT prize be used to unlock special content or permissioned telegram/discord servers by just having it on a wallet.

Excited to share what I've been tinkering on for the last few weeks at @ETHGlobal's #EthOnline hackathon.

Podcast Pools - Win NFT episodes from your favorite PodcastsMore info: you again to the sponsors: @PoolTogether_ @portis_io @POKTnetwork— Nader (@0xNader) November 2, 2020

Live Demo Code🏆 4th Place: ERC Graph 🏆 is a real-time and historic graph showing ERC20 transfers across Ethereum.It listens for and retrieves past ERC20 transfer event logs to plot them on a canvas to make it easy to understand complex transactions or network events.This is perfect for researchers, reporters, data scientists. Even for the casual user that wants to get the information they want. Users can make annotations and filter data by different criterias: protocol, token bring transferred, sender/receiver address, and amount being transferred.ERCGraph uses MetaMask and Pocket Network to get ERC20 data, then The Graph to fetch Uniswap, Balancer, and Sushiswap pool information as well as label them in the background. It also uses ENS to reverse lookup addresses and get a human-readable address name.Live Demo Code🏆 5th Place: Composable 🏆 is a smart contract tool for both protocols and users to compose arbitrary actions across the DeFi space.Composable provides an interface to simplify calling arbitrary functions from within Ethereum. It gives users the ability to compose multiple calls into a single bundle by concatenating the specially-encoded Composable calls. Then, the smart contract will sequentially execute the calls.It can add a bit of flexibility to existing contracts, too. For example. Composable could be injected into Aave’s flashloan contract allowing it to be become a public beacon what signals users to automatically trigger all sorts of sequences of actions within a flashloan context.Source Code

🏅 Honorary Integrators 🏅

git3 git to IPFS, where each repo is controlled through a smart contract. It enables people to leave tips on issues to give maintainer extra incentive to continue to work on them. It’s like a decentralized GitHub with Gitcoin-like functionality.Source Code enables flashloans on top of Compound using delegated borrowing limits!This essentially unlocks 1B dollars worth of assets to be leveraged for flashloans, providing additional streams of revenue/yield, while also allowing users to use their cTokens for other uses.Live Demo Code is a crypto-to-item trading platform and decentralized marketplace where users can arrange to buy, sell, and trade items in a local area. NFTs are used to assist with the auction and trade of times.Live Demo Code is a non-custodial fiat on/off ramp targeted towards the Indian market utilizing an openbanking API. It uses escrow smart contracts linked to the banking APIs via oracles (Chainlink).Unlike most fiat on-ramps that still rely on manual methods to release funds, UniPeer is completed automated through the openbanking APIs.Live Demo Code My Musician is a dapp that allows people to donate money in the form of $FMM (an ERC20 token) to their favorite musicians.Fans are able to upvote/like an artist’s music in exchange for 1 FMM token. Musicians would then sell their FMM tokens for funds.Live Demo Code

Pocket Web3 Provider / Pocket-JS Prize Winners

🥈 2nd Place DemystiFi (Extropy Chain) 🥈’t get REKT from DeFi scams!DemystiFi helps traders make better informed decisions by using current and historical data from DeFi to warn MetaMask users before making a transfer to a known-malicious address.It builds upon the MetaMask source code, deploying a plug-in Snap which intercepts the recipient address while a user goes through the motions of sending a transaction.Users are notified when trying to make a transaction about the validity of a contract address based on a variety of sources:

  • Etherscan API
  • CryptoscamDB API
  • Data scraped from Social Media (Twitter and YouTube)
  • Static Analysis of Contract Code
  • Bytecode Pattern Matching of Smart Contracts
  • User Feedback
  • Data Stored on IPFS

Information is stored in a smart contract on Ethereum, which would be accessed using Pocket Network to further decentralize the approach.Source Code🥉 3rd Place Blockhead 🥉Blockhead is an all-encompassing, comprehensive, provider-agnostic interface that contains a decentralized wallet manager, trading/DeFi screen, and block explorer metaverse. It allows users to perform common blockchain-related activities in a fun, flexible, and transparent way.Blockhead is built to be agnostic of Ethereum providers (Infura, Pocket, etc) and price oracles (Chainlink, Tellor, Compound Price Feed, etc). This gives the ability users to select their preferences and be more in control over where their data is coming from.On the portfolio screen, you can build a local portfolio by pasting Ethereum wallet addresses or ENS names. On the trading screen, you can access several crypto-trading platforms and protocols.Source Code: from these prize recipients, a few projects reached out saying that they plan to integrate Pocket after the hackathon. This included:

If you are interested in seeing all the applications and services developed during the ETHOnline hackathon, visit this showcase link.EThOnline Hackathon Finale’ll notice that two of Pocket prize winners also made it into the finales 😍

Later today is our final Summit, featuring a fireside chat with @VitalikButerin and @tylercowen.

— ETHGlobal (@ETHGlobal) October 30, 2020

Anyone that used Pocket during the hackathon will be able to keep their endpoint URL in order to continue to grow and scale. For those that missed out on FREE infrastructure, sign up via our waitlist for early access. We’ll prioritize access to ETHOnline hackathon participants.A big thank you to everyone that included Pocket Network into their developer stack!Consider getting involved with MetaCartel. They provide grant funding to creators building dapps, run community developers shops focusing on dapps, and host raids adventuring with other teams.After receiving a grant and graduating from the next cohort, consider applying for funding from MetaCartel Ventures DAO and the LAO. These web3 natives will understand what you are building 😜With the next CLR matching round right around the corner, I highly recommend participating in it by creating a Gitcoin Grant for your hackathon project. It’s a great place to build a user base and source community-driven funding.We’ll see each other for DevCon in Bogota, Colombia!

Thank you to our sponsors!

— ETHGlobal (@ETHGlobal) October 30, 2020

In the meantime, let us know how we can best further support you and let’s chat on our Discord community server. Join us 👇

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