Pocket Bounty Winners of ETHOnline 2021

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Nov 20, 2023
Pocket Bounty Winners of ETHOnline 2021

Another year filled with great innovation! ETHOnline is always filled with talented teams, and Pocket is always eager to see what projects will build while leveraging its decentralized RPC infrastructure.

This year, 16 projects used Pocket Network, an increase from 12 last year!

Named Prize Paths

We also upped our named prize paths this year: from 1.5K to a total of 4K in named prizes.

The best 3 hacks adding a Pocket powered RPC endpoint were eligible to win:

  • 1250 DAI for 1st place
  • 500 DAI for 2nd place
  • 250 DAI for 3rd Place

We also had another category for the most creative 3 hacks that used both Pocket and the Graph, with the same reward tier structure, in order to showcase that these two protocols are complimentary protocol-based services within the decentralized web3 development stack.

So Who Won?

With that being said, say congratulations to these 6 projects:

Best Hack To Add Pocket-powered RPC endpoint:

Best Hack To Integrate Pocket and the Graph

To learn a little bit more about what these projects do, make sure to check out our Twitter thread below for a description and a place to check them out for yourselves!

🧵As #ETHOnline comes to a close, we want to give special thanks to the 16 projects who won a bounty by using Pocket in their project 🏗

Together we can build towards a more decentralized future💪

— Pocket Network (@POKTnetwork) October 19, 2021

Alongside the named prizes, we offered a prize pool with 4k DAI up for grabs to any team to earn an equal portion by simply integrating a Pocket-powered RPC endpoint of any of the blockchains Pocket Network supports. Outside of these 6 hackathon projects, 10 other teams also won 250 DAI each including:

Don’t Wait Until Next Year - Use Pocket Today!

While there’s always next year, the time is now. Why wait until then to start using our always-on and decentralized RPC protocol of over 7000 node runners?

Not only do we give developers getting started, 1 million calls a day of bandwidth through our Pocket Portal free, we also have network support for Avalanche, xDAI, Solana, Polygon, Harmony, and many other blockchains. Mint an endpoint through our POKT Portal!

Join our active Discord, where you can get questions answered by the team, learn more about the protocol, and participate in the community!
Wherever your project takes you, use the crypto-native’s Web3 infrastructure of choice: Pocket Network.

See you all next year at ETHOnline 2022!

For the builders who can’t wait that long, there’s still some time left in the Polygon Grants Hackathon. Those interested can register here - we hope to see you there!

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