Pocket and Fuse Deepen Ties

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Nov 20, 2023
Pocket and Fuse Deepen Ties

Building on one of our longest term partnerships, Pocket is excited to announce that Fuse is deepening their collaboration with us. Fuse, an EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain-based platform that allows anyone to create community-centered economies regardless of coding experience, is now utilizing Pocket Network as the primary node infrastructure provider for its entire ecosystem.

Our strategic partnership with @POKTnetwork continues bearing fruits 🎉

Recently, in a major boost to the robustness and decentralization of our platform, 20% of the official Fuse RPC traffic has been assigned to the Pocket Network-powered full nodes 📻— Fuse (@Fuse_network) February 11, 2022

Fuse has been a revenue-generating blockchain for Pocket, along with 10 other networks, since the advent of the Settlers of New Chains last year. Hereafter, Fuse | Pocket node runners have been earning POKT in exchange for serving application traffic from the Fuse ecosystem.Fuse has quickly become one of the fastest-growing blockchain networks in the Pocket ecosystem, with over 23,376 Pocket Service Nodes servicing relays. There’s no sign of slowing down, especially as both Fuse and Pocket see more adoption.Fuse originally used Pocket Network’s decentralized RPC service to increase the efficiency and decrease costs of their ETH <> FUSE Token Bridge, as it removed the need to run full ETH nodes. This implementation of Pocket Network was so successful that Fuse decided to double-down and use our service as the primary infrastructure for their public RPC endpoint. The level of trust demonstrated is a testament to the performance of Pocket Network, its stability, and the value the protocol provides to Fuse.

“Pocket Network enables potentially limitless scaling of RPC infra for Fuse - it’s exciting to see how scalable and open-source financial infrastructure is being built through this partnership while also driving value to Fuse full-node operators.” Mark Smargon, Fuse Founder and CEO

Lighting the Fuse

Support for both Fuse Mainnet and Fuse Archival is available through the POKT Portal. Both developers and applications can activate private RPC endpoints for use in their dApps, with up to 1M requests per day (per endpoint, max two per account). For a comprehensive walkthrough, please view the following video: has made available a sponsored Fuse RPC Endpoint. Previously, Pocket Network sponsored up to 3M requests per day for this endpoint; this was increased massively to over 84M relays per day, as part of our dedication to support Fuse, who will save serious sums of money now that they are not required to purchase POKT to stake for the powering of this decentralized autonomous node infrastructure.To get connected to Pocket’s RPC Endpoint on Fuse, follow these steps (video linked below):

  1. Click on the Networks drop-down menu, then press Custom RPC
  2. Under the Network Name field, write Fuse Pocket Portal
  3. Within the New RPC URL field, copy and paste this endpoint URL
  4. Put the hexadecimal 0x7a in the ChainID field
  5. Write FUSE as the Symbol
  6. Add as the Block Explorer URL
  7. 7. Don’t forget to save

A Video Tutorial for adding the Pocket-powered Fuse RPC endpoint to Metamask:

Pocket does Good

By now, we should be well aware of the improvements that Pocket Network can bring to a decentralized blockchain infrastructure: unwavering up-time reliability; unmatched privacy, and unparalleled cost-effectiveness.Adding Pocket’s sponsored FUSE RPC to their load balancer with our built-in load balancing mechanism at the protocol-level massively improves the redundancy and reliability of the Fuse node infrastructure, the capacity that it has to service requests, all whilst driving traffic for FUSE | POKT nodes to serve and earn POKT tokens for doing that work.Alongside these technical benefits, this deeper partnership with Fuse brings another element to the service which we are extremely proud to explore - social good.Whilst Ethereum is the most widely used DeFi development platform, Fuse is leading the way for actualizing the potential that PoS blockchain technology can provide for socially beneficial projects. The positive social forces that many came to blockchain to take advantage of are in full display with Fuse’s wonderfully easy-to-use platform.Let’s review a few examples of the socially progressive projects available currently on Fuse, whose RPC endpoints are now primarily supported by Pocket Network:

  • GoodDollar: a platform that is on a mission is to leverage market forces for “social investing” and economic empowerment, in order to actually provide people with basic needs.
  • Peepl Eat: a peer to peer (P2P) local restaurant ordering system designed to not to make massive profits but instead to pass the value on to the restaurants and community of bicycle delivery servers. Peepl is using one of the most fundamental human experiences - eating food - to create a more egalitarian and robust local economy.

So far, Fuse and native-applications like GoodDollar and Peepl Eat, among many others, have driven 10’s of millions of requests each day, thereby generating 100k+ of POKT revenue each day, just by serving those requests. With room to grow: Us TogetherThe Fuse team, who have helped spawn the creation of over 1000 communities, alongside Token Bridges to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, have a wealth of experience with fostering Dao to Dao (D2D) cooperations and empowering diverse communities of people both socially and, importantly, economically. We anticipate that this partnership will further spur the Pocket Network’s integration with the various blockchain communities that are exploding at the moment and continue to drive adoption and value to the entire ecosystem.Yes, the Pocket community loves to see increased adoption of our decentralized full-node infrastructure which drives further value to POKT node runners and POKT token holders, but we are most excited about our ability to assist world-changing tech in its mission to improve the lot of the majority of society. Until now, most have had to contend with the largely false “trickle-down economics” of the last century, and all of the hollow promises of equality that it brings.The power of this nascent decentralized blockchain technology holds a key to opening the doors that have remained shut for 95% of society. Fuse’s mission is echoed in their applications, and in the Pocket Network’s service too; we couldn’t be more thrilled to be their most trusted RPC infrastructure provider.

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