Partnership Announcement: Thesis Defense

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Feb 15, 2024
Partnership Announcement: Thesis Defense

We’re excited to announce Thesis Defense as the security audit partner for POKT Network’s upcoming Shanon upgrade. 

Shannon represents a huge advance for our project, distilling the experience gained running our Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) on a live mainnet for 3+ years, while accelerating POKT Network towards our larger vision.

This transition is of vital importance to our project and Thesis Defenses’ series of comprehensive security audits will ensure that security is first and foremost as we move towards mainnet launch.

“After deeply evaluating more than 10 different audit firms, Thesis Defense stood out for their expertise, experience and motivation. We are confident that they will not only audit POKT Network, but make it a better protocol, helping it to achieve its full potential.” says Daniel Olshansky, Head of Protocol at POKT Network.

Thesis Defense will begin its first POKT Network audit this month. 

Their first focus will be auditing Shannon’s Sparse Merkle Trees (SMT), which is how POKT Network will be able to track hundreds of thousands of nodes and trillions of RPC requests with minimal on-chain data.

We look forward to sharing their findings open and transparently.

About Thesis Defense

Thesis Defense is a team of senior security auditors who have extensive experience auditing decentralized technology in crypto and web3, including on-chain and off-chain components. Their team of senior security auditors and cryptographers have conducted audits across several ecosystems, including Ethereum, Zcash, Stacks, Mina, Polygon, and Bitcoin. They’ve worked on a diversity of technologies including smart contracts, cryptographic protocols, consensus mechanisms, bridges, and wallets / browser extensions.


Thesis Defense serves as the auditing services arm within Thesis, Inc., the venture studio behind tBTC, Fold, Taho, Etcher, and Embody. To learn more about security audits at Thesis Defense, visit their website or contact them @ 

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