One Small Step for Nodies. One Giant Leap for POKT Network.

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Jun 3, 2024
One Small Step for Nodies. One Giant Leap for POKT Network.

Posted on October 6, 2023 by Pocket Network

Today we are excited to announce that our second Gateway to the POKT Network, NodiesDLB, will begin live testing of sending relays through the network. Nodies is a trusted contributor in our ecosystem whose founders are ex-AWS engineers with expertise in infrastructure, especially as it pertains to performance, scaling, and efficiency.

Blade, one of the founders of Nodies, was behind LeanPokt, which resulted in a 10x reduction in network infrastructure costs: He also helped secure the network through  ‘Chocolate Rain’ and contributed materially to  Geomesh, which was created by another community builder, POKTScan, and which optimizes network traffic across regions.

Nodies will continue to innovate in support of a maturing and efficient decentralized network where all the node runners have efficient set ups and can thrive while servicing the traffic with the best QoS.” said Blade, founder of Nodies.

Over and above that though, this marks a huge milestone for POKT Network.

This is the first milestone in the decentralisation of our ‘demand’ layer, and an important milestone in our journey to empower Web3 with Unstoppable Open Data.

Accessing RPC directly from the protocol as of today is not straightforward and Gateways solve that by abstracting such complexities away. If blockchains are vast reservoirs of data, POKT Network is the network of pipes and junctions moving that data around the system, and Gateways are the taps that make it easy to access in your home.

Gateways provide ease-of-use through optimized UX and dedicated support, as well as delivering innovation through value-added features. Developers can enjoy that  while still tapping into the reliability, performance, and cost effectiveness that is all unlocked by the decentralization of the underlying Pocket Network infrastructure.

It’s DePIN’s version of the better-known DeFI mullet:

We can expect relays to start flowing from Nodies through the network over the coming weeks and months as they onboard more developers using different sales techniques and a differentiated offering to what is currently available. Developers can sign up for a Nodies endpoint here. Nodies are also open-sourcing the modules and documentation that they use to connect to Pocket Network, which lowers the barrier for other gateway operators to enter our growing gateway-verse.

‘”The launch of a second gateway fosters collaboration on the demand-side and solidifies the value proposition of Pocket. We look forward to tapping into the abundance of node operators within the network, improving Pocket QoS with our gateway, and offering additional demand to their blockchain nodes. This is one step forward to a world of multiple gateways. Within the next year, protocol access for gateway actors and dApps will become fully permissionless and onchain. It will be amazing when anyone, including centralized actors, can leverage the decentralized network and, as a byproduct, support the exponential growth of relays.” said Blade.

As we move towards permissionless Gateways, developers will start to benefit from exponential innovation, niche use-case features, and deep ecosystem knowledge from that growing ecosystem of access points. All building on top of POKT Network’s decentralized network of nodes and the resilience, speed, and agility they provide. We believe that the economies of the future will run on blockchains. With Pocket connecting those, we ensure that the future is owned and governed by users rather than companies.” says Jack Laing, Executive Director of the Pocket Network Foundation.

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