Nodesmith partners with Pocket for AION & Ethereum support.

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Nov 21, 2023
Nodesmith partners with Pocket for AION & Ethereum support.

Our mission, Connect any app with any blockchain on any device.Lofty, yet attainable, this mission requires rock-solid utility based in decentralization. Without the prerequisite foundation, clunky setups and time-draining maintenance will diminish DApp potential.This is why Pocket is thrilled to reveal its partnership with Nodesmith, a specialist in providing blockchain node connectivity. already launched their beta network in November last year with a from the Aion foundation, Nodesmith was recently awarded $120,000 in funding from the long-standing tech industry accelerator. Their momentum continues to build as an expansion to Ethereum and IPFS have been added during 2019.Nodesmith provides a reliable means to effectively utilize decentralized networks. All that is required to connect is an account which provides API linkage (via HTTPS) which is both reliable and scalable. To drive usage of Nodesmith’s straightforward, easy and on-demand access is fully functional and even cost-free!With the strong fundamental of starting point decentralization in mind, both Pocket and Nodesmith are bringing their best to usher in a new era of blockchain interoperability. When blockchains become able to communicate and interact, new opportunities to generate value will appear. Through enabling a robust yet easy-to-use cross-blockchain ecosystem to evolve, our partnership will allow for the creation of new revenue streams: a veritable crypto economy awaits to be born.We can’t leave connections on only the virtual level, however. To incentivize participation and enhance solidarity with the Pocket network, Nodesmith has agreed to involve itself in Pocket governance initiatives. Upon the release of the main network, partners of ours will have an opportunity to support us in decentralizing our network. We’re pleased to present a key role into competent hands, as great teams who share our vision are more than welcome to join us.If you are interested in coordinating with the team and partners for the development of Pocket Network, a truly decentralized node infrastructure network, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or join the discord — published at on April 18, 2019.

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