Moonbeam’s Growing Ecosystem Gets Support from Pocket

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Nov 19, 2023
Moonbeam’s Growing Ecosystem Gets Support from Pocket

Moonbeam is an emerging EVM-compatible chain built as a Polkadot parachain, bringing the vision of a multi-chain future to realization. Discover more about how Pocket Network enables developers to access data from Moonbeam and boost the value proposition of their applications.

Building a Multi-Chain Future with Moonbeam

Moonbeam is doubling down on some of the characteristics that make Ethereum the powerhouse that it is, while also expanding its own features for a more complete and differentiated network.The Moonbeam network launched in 2020, completing its deployment on Kusama in August 2021, and then on Polkadot in January 2022.At its core, Moonbeam is an EVM-compatible network, and a Polkadot parachain, that expands Ethereum’s capabilities while focusing on multi-chain features that improve scalability and growth.Moonbeam claims it is the “easiest path to multi-chain,” having specific features that enable developers to link to other networks and experience more growth for their dApps, including:

  • No configuration requirements: Your smart contracts just work.
  • Integrations: Moonbeam already works with most applications (e.g., MetaMask).
  • Smart Contract language: Moonbeam works with popular languages (e.g., Solidity).
  • Infrastructure and asset support: Work with DOT, ERC-20 tokens, and Web3 infrastructure providers.

Moonbeam also enables native on-chain governance, staking, and cross-chain support.

The Mantra of Multi-Chain Power

Moonbeam, similar to Pocket, focuses on bringing the multi-chain future of crypto to reality.We’ve talked a lot in the past about how crypto and Web3 need to work seamlessly to reach global levels of adoption. The automatic, more painless integration of several networks, infrastructure providers, applications, and decentralized tools needs to happen quickly to support the shift from Web2 to Web3.Moonbeam recognizes that need as one of the most pivotal ones in the industry, and is focused on enabling the technical aspects that are required for its network to fulfill that vision. With cross-chain abilities, Moonbeam can reach a much wider audience, including the mainstream public once Web3 adoption rises.Moonbeam is utilizing Polkadot and taking advantage of its features of low gas fees, a breadth of use cases, and high speed to enable easy communication between all tools and set itself as a key player in that ecosystem.

A Myriad of Applications Deploying on Moonbeam, with Ethereum Compatibility

The suite of decentralized apps under Moonbeam is surging, from DEXes to oracles, bridges, block explorers, lending and borrowing solutions, wallets, infrastructure providers, and much more.Moonbeam is also enabling the NFT revolution, featuring popular NFT collections, marketplaces, and innovative protocols.At the basis of Moonbeam sits the Glimmer token, enabling apps and users to exercise their on-chain governance, pay for fees to conduct transactions, incentivize users, and more.

Moonbeam Registers an All-Time High in Relays Serviced by Pocket Network

Pocket started to support Moonbeam in June 2022 as part of our goal to expand to hundreds of supported blockchains and provide application developers with an optimized, decentralized infrastructure solution.In recent weeks, Moonbeam has been stacking all-time highs in terms of relays serviced by Pocket, reflecting the strong growth in its ecosystem.In the last week of September, the number of serviced relays for Moonbeam surged by 60%, including a record (at the time) of 3.3 million daily relays. Since that surge, another daily all-time high has been set more recently, with more than 4 million Moonbeam relays serviced on October 17th!

Pocket is Expanding the Number of Supported Chains While Improving Service for Developers

Pocket just launched its overhauled Pocket Portal, with optimized service for application developers to receive blockchain data, and a new “Pay as You Go” (PAYG) approach that makes infrastructure service cost-efficient and based on actual usage.If you’re a developer building applications on Moonbeam, from DeFi to NFTs, Pocket offers decentralization, maximum uptime, optimized quality of service, and a resilient network, and acts as a premier solution for blockchain data needs.The Pocket Portal’s Always Free tier enables up to 250,000 daily data relays, while the PAYG approach provides a clear and simple path to scale your dApp infrastructure as your needs evolve. Pocket remains a cost-efficient choice for RPC requests while staying true to the Web3 mantra.Jump over to the new and improved Pocket Portal and get set up with RPC endpoints for Moonbeam and 40+ other chains today!

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