Launching Retro POKT Goods Funding!

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Apr 30, 2024
Launching Retro POKT Goods Funding!

The launch of Retroactive POKT Goods Funding mechanism closes a small but important gap in our funding mechanisms, one we previously filled using ad hoc direct proposals. This represents a major upgrade and is part of making POKT Network the best place to contribute and to have your impact recognised and rewarded.

This retroactive funding program will help us to consistently recognise outsize impact as well as contributions that otherwise can fall through the cracks. 

If you’ve created impact, you are eligible for funding!


We provided 750,000 POKT for Retro POKT Goods Funding and then we rolled in 60,000 OP and 70,000 ARB that we were proud to receive for our contributions to those ecosystems. 

A basket of these funds will be distributed to successful applicants in recognition of their contribution(s) to any of the following 3 categories:

  1. Protocol: this category recognises contributions to the POKT stack itself, either through contribution to main code sources such as Morse and Shannon, or through other dependencies and POKT related repos.
  2. Ecosystem: this category recognises tools and applications using or enhancing the experience of working with the POKT stack and may include wallets, explorers or other associated tech. It's all about making an impact on the broader POKT ecosystem through your creations.
  3. Adoption: this category recognises impact that created awareness and adoption of the POKT Network through discussions, referrals, marketing or any other general help in  supporting POKT reach a broader audience.

The amount that your project is allocated will be based on the perceived depth of impact, breadth of impact, and significance of impact.

Once submitted, all projects will go through an assessment to ensure guidelines have been followed, and will then go to a vote. 


Submissions will open on May 10th. 

We’ll share further updates and information, including things like judging rubric and application process by then.

We’re also hosting an X space on Thursday at 9am ET where we’ll be able to share more information and answer any questions.

Here are the key timings:

  • Submissions open: May 10th
  • Submissions close: May 31st
  • Results Announced: June 21st
  • Rewards Distributed: June 28th


You will need to apply for yourself or your project, there is no external nomination process and you cannot apply on behalf of someone else. 

Applicants will be asked to provide:

  • Name or Alias
  • Email
  • Wallet Addressessome text
    • wPOKT wallet address
    • ARB wallet address
    • OP wallet address 
  • Description of the project
  • Description of the impact created
  • Impact category
  • List of impact evidence
  • Other relevant links such as Githubs, Social Media etc.
  • Previous fundings and grants received from POKT Network directly or indirectly (e.g. funding received by an organization you are part of)
  • Team size


My project / contribution already received funding. Am I still eligible to apply?


Our Retro PGF round is also open to submissions where your impact was already funded by POKT Network but over-delivered. 

For example: if your impact was the result of a funded project, but the impact was greater than what was funded, then it is eligible to receive Retro PGF funds. Naturally, if you delivered only what was funded or if you under-delivered, then it is not. 

My project / contribution took place since the GROW post in Feb 2023. Am I still eligible?


As long as the project / contribution occurred before submissions open on May 10th 2024, it will be eligible for retroactive funding.

My project / contribution hasn’t happened yet. Am I still eligible?


It’s retroactive funding. But please stay tuned for future rounds.

I’ve missed this round but want to make sure I’m eligible for future programs. What kinds of things do you need to have built?

We’re glad you’re interested in building with us!

We’re in the process of producing a builder ideas board, once again inspired by Optimism (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). We’ll share that as it develops but please follow us on twitter or join our discord and stay in touch.

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