Klaytn Welcomes DeFi Kingdoms’ Serendale, with Pocket’s Support

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Nov 19, 2023
Klaytn Welcomes DeFi Kingdoms’ Serendale, with Pocket’s Support

Pocket has been supporting Klaytn since early August of this year, servicing the chain’s RPC relays as Klaytn becomes “The Metaverse Blockchain for All.” Now, with the launch of DeFi Kingdoms’ Serendale on Klaytn, we’re excited to provide the go-to RPC option as DFK’s massively popular community makes the move to Klaytn!

Klaytn is Making its Name as the Go-To Chain for Metaverse Builders

Klaytn has already positioned itself as the “one-stop chain for metaverse builders,” combining an open source developer infrastructure package, a high-performing Mainnet, community co-building initiatives, and strong management and financial support. Meanwhile, Klaytn 2.0 is set to bring even more unique strengths to the table. Some of the features of Klaytn 2.0 include:

  • A comprehensive package of tool sets and a supporting ecosystem to make building the metaverse easier than ever.
  • More transactions per second and greater decentralization, while maintaining 1-second deterministic finality to ensure transactions will never be reversed.
  • Providing EVM-based DApps with the ability to onboard without any modifications.
  • A unique governance structure with DAOs, Builders, and Enterprises, delivering greater decentralization and stability.
  • A massive ecosystem fund to support high-potential projects with grants, investments, and reward programs.

These features have Klaytn primed to establish itself even further as the go-to chain for building the metaverse projects of the future.

Klaytn’s Focus on Optimized Performance

To date, Klaytn has been able to take advantage of Pocket’s RPC service as a higher speed, more cost-efficient solution than other alternatives. This focus on speed in particular aligns well with Klaytn’s goals as the chain becomes the new home for DeFi Kingdoms’ Serendale - while Klaytn provides gamers with 1 second finality and near-zero gas fees, Pocket’s RPC endpoints are set to simultaneously bring optimized latency to the DFK experience.Even before DFK announced its move, Klaytn has had several other gaming integrations and partnerships, including with MarbleX, the second largest gaming ecosystem in Korea. Pocket’s ability to provide low latency RPC service with maximum uptime is a key value-add towards gamers being able to enjoy an optimized experience through Klaytn.

Taking Advantage of Pocket’s Decentralized RPC Service

Pocket has a strong history with DFK - one that will carry over well to Serendale’s move to Klaytn. Even since DFK’s home was on Harmony, Pocket has been providing the game’s community with highly-performant RPC service.Samichpunch, one of the top content creators covering DFK over Medium and Twitter, shared some insights on how Pocket’s relationship with DFK has evolved over time:

“Anyone that was in DFK in the early Harmony days knows how the traffic could sometimes bring the main Harmony RPC to its knees. With access to Pocket-hosted RPCs, DFK users have seen a dramatic improvement in interacting with the chain. DFK Helper, a DFK quality of life service that I use, has even set up its own customized Pocket-hosted RPC, which has helped significantly with RPC traffic. Now, Pocket is bringing those same benefits to DFK on Klaytn.”

We’ve made the process easy to customize your RPC settings - getting set up with Pocket’s decentralized endpoints takes just a few clicks.You can find more info at our Public RPC Endpoints page, including a step-by-step video, and you can use the following RPC URLs to take advantage of our high-performance endpoints today.

View Public RPC Endpoints Now


Network Name: KlaytnRPC URL: 8217Symbol: KLAYExplorer URL:


Network Name: DFK ChainRPC URL: 53935Symbol: JEWELExplorer URL: those building on Klaytn, you can also get set up with private endpoints for your own dApps via the Pocket Portal, and take advantage of the Always Free Tier (up to 250,000 data relays per day) or the Pay As You Go plan. It takes just a few minutes to get set up with decentralized endpoints for your dApp!

Mint an RPC Endpoint Now!

We hope you enjoy the launch!

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