Important Update to the Non-Custodial Reward System Feature

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Nov 19, 2023
Important Update to the Non-Custodial Reward System Feature

We have detected a bug with the Non-Custodial reward system and have temporarily disabled this feature.

This means that all nodes that updated their output address to Non-Custodial yesterday will have their output address temporarily reverted to the operator address until Non-Custodial staking is re-activated.

What happened?

After activating both PIP-22 and Non-Custodial, where the logic to determine which address should be awarded the tokens was faulty, causing the “Output Address” to be looked up as a “Validator Address”, aborting the reward process and causing no additional POKT to be minted.

Who’s affected?

Every Servicer or Validator who edited their stake after Non-Custodial was activated will have received no rewards during the period in which Non-Custodial was activated and deactivated again (roughly 24 hours). No additional inflation has been created in the system.

How will the problem be resolved?

1. The Foundation has submitted a transaction to disable the Non-Custodial feature, which will revert back to sending the rewards to the original Servicer address.

2. PNI has created a patch BETA-0.9.1 which fixes the issue with the aforementioned reward logic. We will conduct another round of QA with new test scenarios and another testnet rehearsal to avoid this issue in the future, after which we will release RC-0.9.1. You can review the BETA-0.9.1 patch here.

3. After enough validators have accepted the new version, we will upgrade the network and re-enable Non-Custodial staking again.

We apologize for the disruption in Non-Custodial rewards and will keep you updated on our progress with the BETA-0.9.1 QA and the timing of the network upgrade. We are working hard to get Non-Custodial re-activated as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

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