ICON P-Rep Update | July 2020

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Nov 21, 2023
ICON P-Rep Update | July 2020


Both Pocket and Figment Networks teamed up to participate in the early decentralization process of ICON via the P-Rep system, as a P-Rep node, to help validate the network.Thanks to the top-tier professionalism and service by Figment Networks, the P-Rep node has been active the entire time from launch until now. It was a massive learning experience that we are grateful to have had.But unfortunately, due to certain delays on our side (Pocket Network’s) as well as a revaluation of the P-Rep ecosystem, what role we could play, and our trajectories we will be shutting down our P-Rep node on July 31st.With the current strength of the 22 top P-Reps and the continued advancement of ICON governance, we are sure that it is in good hands.


As you may know from our earlier P-Rep updates, Pocket Network is gearing up for the release of its mainnet next week, so that has been our top priority.Once we have gotten through the rollout and move into the growth phase, we will revisit early initiatives for inclusion of the ICON blockchain and ecosystem.That said, Pocket Network is working with various ICON community members to leverage our network for P-Rep/App communications with Citizen Nodes.This means that the ICON community will be able to support its P-Reps and Apps via running ICON configured POKT Nodes and provide true redundancy to the P-Rep and application ecosystemWe look forward to developing this conversation more and will give more information as this solidifies. Our goal is to tie up any loose ends from the P-Rep initiative and reframe Pocket’s involvement with the ICON community.We thank the members of the community that first asked us to participate, and who maintained relationships with us to this day.For more information on what is next for the Pocket and Figment teams, you can read about them here.Pocket NetworkFigment Networks

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