Hitting One Billion Relays

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Nov 21, 2023
Hitting One Billion Relays

This is still quite small in comparison to the total available market of applications and the network’s capacity to handle billions daily. But we’ve been on a roll lately.

1B relays translates into multiple millions of POKT generated as network revenue earned by node runners, block producers, and the Pocket DAO. Full-node incentives are working today:

Pocket Network is a developer-driven protocol. In the last few months, Pocket Network has demonstrated its value propositions across multiple blockchains with several application use cases ranging from wallets to analytic platforms to games to token bridges to an array of diverse hackathon projects. As a unified blockchain API layer, the ubiquity of Pocket enables it to support a wide range of use cases.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the apps, tools, and L2s that understood the value of Pocket at its earliest stages:

  • MyCrypto
  • EthersJS
  • Zapper
  • Saturn Network
  • Tokenlog
  • ERCGraph
  • Fuse

A hat tip to the web3 end-users who take decentralization and privacy seriously by using a Pocket-powered Ethereum RPC endpoint within their MetaMask wallet or xDAI RPC endpoint while playing Dark Forest.

It is important to note that if you use an application or service with custom RPC settings, you can plug Pocket right in without worrying about being data mined or spied on by middlemen. It’s nearly impossible since every hour an application gets cycled out of a session and served by a new set of 5 random nodes from the Pocket Network!

Let’s not forget to highlight the node infrastructure providers that serve these applications within the Pocket Network ecosystem:

  • Figment
  • Skillz
  • Chainflow
  • Rivet
  • Tuku Dev
  • Simply VC
  • BlockSpaces
  • Chainstack
  • C0D3R
  • Easy2Stake
  • Nacho Nodes
  • The long-tail of sovereign node runners

So what’s next!?

Pocket already supports Ethereum Mainnet (full-node), Ethereum Mainnet (archive node), Ethereum Testnests (Rinkeby, Kovan, Goerili, and xxx), and xDAI.

Support for Avalanche, Bitcoin, and RSK have recently launched as well.

If you are an application that wants up to 1M requests per day for any of these networks, connect with us and we’ll issue you an endpoint right now.

More blockchains are coming online next. We intend to continue to add support for any quality chain our community can rally behind and serve. What other networks would you like to see Pocket Network support!?

We plan on going from 1B in 7 Months to 1B per day as effectively as possible, so there’s plenty of opportunities to come with us on the journey, learn and earn.

For example, wPOKT and its accompanying Data Farming program are queued for Q2. Expect a never-before-seen Regen network of farms, allowing users to support their favorite apps through crowdsourcing infra while getting a sweet wPOKT yield. This will turbocharge relay growth for the protocol while simultaneously encouraging application usage of those participating in the farming program by the very same farmers!

Expect many announcements over the next couple of months. In the meantime, come join the rest of the community over in our Discord server!

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