Flexible Options Through the New and Improved Pocket Portal

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Nov 19, 2023
Flexible Options Through the New and Improved Pocket Portal

We’ve recently launched a major update to the Pocket Portal, bringing a number of improvements to the way that Web3 developers can tap into decentralized infrastructure to optimize their dApps. One of the key parts of this update is the introduction of several new types of plans that developers can choose from, in order to secure the level of service that makes the most sense for their dApp.Let’s dig into these new options that are now available.Note: want to take a deeper dive into the updates to the Pocket Portal? Check out our recent Twitter Space, "What's New in the Pocket Portal?"

From “Always Free” to “Enterprise” - Flexible Levels of Service

This update to the Pocket Portal brings 3 distinct levels of service that Web3 developers can choose from for their infrastructure needs:

  • The Always Free tier
  • The Pay As You Go (PAYG) tier
  • The Enterprise tier

Always Free

With the Always Free tier, developers can use Pocket Network endpoints to access up to 250,000 data relays per day on any of our supported blockchains. This tier is ideal not only for developers that may have relatively small traffic through their dApps, but also for developers who may have higher traffic but are looking to “dip their toes” into the world of decentralized RPC infrastructure. We’ve always featured a free tier as part of our service, and it’s been a popular option for developers to test the waters before making more of a full switch to Pocket’s decentralized infrastructure service.

Pay As You Go

Beyond the Always Free tier, we are now offering a new Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan - and bringing some innovative features with it.PAYG is a fully self-service plan that allows developers to easily get set up with service directly through the Pocket Portal, thanks to a built-in Stripe integration. PAYG provides relay service for any amount of relays beyond the 250,000 daily Always Free tier, with a straightforward price of $0.000007456 per relay. In other words, developers only pay for the amount of relays that their dApp actually needs and utilizes - no need to pay for higher levels of throughput that may not even be necessary for actual dApp traffic. The PAYG tier is billed monthly based on actual relay traffic and the price per relay.Full self-service and the ease of getting set up with decentralized infrastructure are only part of the PAYG story, though. With this plan, we're extremely excited to share that we are rolling out a brand new innovation in the infrastructure space - rewarding developers for paid service with POKT tokens. This will allow them to eventually transition from monthly fees to staking POKT for continued service.More specifically, after 24 months of paid service with the PAYG plan (the 24 months do not need to be consecutive), developers will receive an amount of POKT that corresponds with the amount of relay traffic that was serviced for their dApps. At this point, developers can stake that POKT for continued service, with the ability to stake more or less POKT depending on relay needs.This is a unique approach in the Web3 infrastructure space, and enables developers to move beyond paying sunk costs into perpetuity, and represents a huge step towards turning dApp infrastructure into an actual Web3 asset!


Finally, we are also offering a more hands-on, customizable Enterprise option for developers. Our Enterprise plan provides service for accounts averaging 150 million relays per month or more. Anyone interested in the Enterprise plan can contact us to chat about our offerings and get set up with service.

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