DFDAO Community Round Supported by Decentralized RPC Service as a Protocol Pocket Network

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Nov 20, 2023
DFDAO Community Round Supported by Decentralized RPC Service as a Protocol Pocket Network

Pocket Network is excited to partner with DFDAO and support DFDAO’s community round on JAN 1st-4th 2022 as their preferred Gnosis Chain (previously xDAI) network provider.

It was really heartwarming to see Dark Forest players recommend Pocket to the DFDAO <3

Sponsored Dark Forest Players Fund

The Pocket team has also gifted xDAI to DFDAO in order to fund the initial drip of xDAI to players on the whitelist. This should enable Dark Forest players to make plenty of moves, especially during a low-gas environment.

Once a player runs out of the original xDAI drip, they’ll be able to claim more xDAI by submitting a refuel request through a form (and verifying activity with the smart contract on BlockScout), available when the round starts. It will come in handy during high-gas environments!

With Pocket as your secret weapon in your Dark Forest empire’s arsenal and some extra gas money, your empire should be able to conquer as much space as possible within the collapsing universe.

Will you be the last to stand at the death of the universe?


When players explore the Dark Forest universe, they’ll be routing read & write requests through the Pocket Network ecosystem. xDAI | Pocket Node runners earn POKT in direct proportion to the relays they serve per session (roughly one hour).

An emerging dynamic emerges between the intersection of play to earn and run a node economies:

You, playing Dark Forest, generate value for full-node operators of the Gnosis blockchain.

Now, imagine you are also running a Gnosis/xDAI node within the Pocket Network. You’d be earning POKT by serving the requests made by your neighbors and yourself while playing the game!

How to get involved

If you didn’t play in the official previous round, apply to the DFDAO whitelist to get randomly selected to participate in this community round. There will be a Discord channel where you’ll message a command “join [xdai address]” to be added to the whitelist. Each Discord account will be limited to a fixed number of addresses.

For more information about the round and how to join, please read A Dark Forest New Year’s Community Round: Death of the Universe. Don’t forget to join the DFDAO community discord server for additional support and camaraderie!

While you’re at it, why not try running xDAI | Pocket nodes to earn POKT for servicing Dark Forest and other xDAI application requests. For a beginner-friendly solution, use Node Pilot to go from zero to node in a few simple clicks. Additional options can be found in our Node Runner docs.


DFDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization competing and building community within the ZK game/protocol Dark Forest. They’re excited to present: ☠️ Death of the Universe 🪐, a community-developed round that will begin on Saturday, January 1, 2022, at about 12 pm PST.

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About Pocket

Pocket Network is a two-way marketplace that matches blockchain application developers seeking unstoppable node infrastructure with RPC service providers and node runners who are incentivized via the POKT token to run full nodes through its decentralized protocol.

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