DAppNode and Pocket team up for full node network sustainability.

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Nov 21, 2023
DAppNode and Pocket team up for full node network sustainability.

After one fruitful meeting sprinkled with eureka moments and technical discussion, the teams from both DAppNode and Pocket left motivated by the realization of what the future would bring if the two projects combined forces to solve a critical problem plaguing most decentralized networks. With the recent release of the Pocket Core DNP (DAppNode Package), Pocket brings the ability for any DAppNode instance to run a Pocket Core Node. DAppNode users can now become Nodes in the Pocket Network and relay transactions from DApps. is important for the sustainability of the Ethereum and other blockchain ecosystems alike. The problem mentioned above is the lack of full-nodes operating on major platforms. Of the full-nodes that are running, most are run through single-service providers who rely heavily on tech giants such as Amazon’s AWS.How do Pocket and DAppNode solve full-node centralization?Firstly, DAppNode contributes to this solution greatly by offering a full-node setup out-of-the-box, available today. You can go ahead and purchase your own full-node at or learn more by reading this article. DAppNodes system comes pre-configured for you with most of the legwork to boost resiliency through decentralization already done. For example with the latest release, DAppNode moved to OpenVPN and Debian for the OS.In summary, DAppNode makes it very easy for you to run a full node today, with assurances that your full-node is legit, end-to-end.Secondly, Pocket Network provides an accessible, trustless API layer for applications to coordinate with full-nodes, in a way that keeps anyone from hitting a single point of failure that may doom the DApp’s growth. Also Pocket Network, upon Mainnet launch, will implement an economic layer for direct full node incentivization, rewarding full nodes like DAppNode users directly through the POKT token.This one-two punch makes running a quality full node (DAppNode) remarkably easy and incentivizes full-nodes directly for participating in a decentralized network. We believe this will lead the way for a rapid increase in full-nodes for Ethereum and other major chains as well as sustain the golden years of mainstream DApp adoption.If you are interested in securing decentralization for years to come, do these 4 things.

  1. Setup a DAppNode with or purchase a pre-configured one at
  2. Configure your DAppNode through Pocket Network by following the steps on the DAppNode section of the documentation.
  3. Help spread the word by sharing this.
  4. Join our chat channels to further collaborate with other Nodlers.

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