DAppNode adds Pocket Network as a Trusted Provider

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Nov 21, 2023
DAppNode adds Pocket Network as a Trusted Provider

If you have been paying close attention to how Pocket Network is growing to market, you’ll have noticed that the collaboration with DAppNode is one of the ones that excite us the most.

Pocket Network is working to coordinate the most diverse full-node network available for developers of decentralized applications to use and is well on the way of achieving that.

DAppNode as a plug-and-play node solution is an extraordinarily complementary component to this because, in order to make a network truly decentralized, we need the option for any individual, developer or enthusiast, to set up and run a high-quality full node, easily.

Today we are happy to announce that DAppNode has added Pocket Network as a Trusted Provider in their installer menu.

What does this mean for Nodlers today?

Simply put, configuring to Pocket Network is now one click away for any DAppNode users.

To set up your DAppNode, visit

What does this mean for Nodlers in the near future?

Upon the Pocket Core Mainnet release, May 2020, Full Node operators interfacing through Pocket Network will be rewarded directly for their service, via the POKT token.

This means that any DAppNode user can achieve a passive income stream for doing the good work of keeping Ethereum node infrastructure decentralized. Crypto-economics for the win-win!

The teams of Pocket and DAppNode are actively brainstorming a deeper collaboration for the release of Testnet and Mainnet that will further subsidize the costs associated with operating on the Pocket Network i.e POKT staking requirements. So be prepared for an announcement on this later this year.

It’s individuals like you, the Nodlers, located in random locations around the globe who form the long-tail of computing power capable of challenging large scale operations, that will give Ethereum and other major chains the necessary resilience to withstand rapid growth cycles.

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